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Water conservation strategies according to green seal requirements Case Study

Water conservation strategies according to green seal requirements - Case Study ExampleThis make-up deals with the concept of urine recycling and waste water supply guidance according to the principles enshrined in Green tender recommended practices. Water recycling processes can adopt many strategies that strives to conserve water as well as re drill them after separating harmful pollutants and organic matter from it. The strategies also involve practices that encourage the effective use of water and reduction of waste water. Waste water vigilance is not a discipline that solely consists of scientific jargon. It is attainable and sustainable provided mavin takes the pains to implement it aptly.With the increasing destruction of environmental resources, the study for conservation has significantly increased in the modern world. This is specifically so in the case of resources such(prenominal)(prenominal) as water. Statistics available indicate that sources of potable water wi ll not remain as such if the level of exploitation is to continue at the current rate in the world. In addition to the pressures of creation increase and pollution, industrial pressures on potable water are also decreasing the availability of wise(p) water and there is an urgent need to fudge water wastage. It is in this context that the need to control water wastage through water recycling gains importance. Wastewater management is an emerging field of science that helps to trucking rig issues related to water pollution and contamination in the industrial world.The need for waste water management has many ramifications, which is twain social as well as economical. As far as the parliamentary law is concerned waste water management helps to recycle the much needed elixir of animation rump into the water sources as potable water. Otherwise, water that is recycled can be used to sustain green mop up over an area thereby providing for the optimum use of this precious natural r esource. On the economic trend it may be said that conserving water amounts to saving m stary in many ways and the sign costs that may be involved can soon be recouped in terms of both tangible and intangible benefits for the company.World wide statistics indicate that water, which is a fundamental need for the existence of life on earth, is limited in terms of its availability. Humans have access to less than 0.08% of all the water that is available in earth. To add to the woes it is believed the need for water will increase by about 40% in the next two decades. This perhaps indicates to the immense responsibility that humans have towards conserving water. In the grade 1999, the United Nations Environment Programme identified water shortage as one of the two well-nigh worrying problems for the millennium. The fact that the other problem, global warming, is also related to water shortage adds gravity to the situation. It is believed that one person in five across the world has n o access to safe drinking water. Similarly, one in two lacks safe sanitation United Nations Industrial Development Organization. 1996In terms of social ramifications, a reliable supply of water is the basic need for any form of development. The availability and quality of water is essential factor in the nations ability to protect public health, preserve ecological integrity, ensure sufficient agricultural production, and meet commercial needs. Therefore issues affecting the nations atmospheric water, surface water and groundwater need to be addressed with priority.Certain facts that point towards the gravity of a water crisis areAbout 1.1 billion people, or 18 percent of the worlds population, lack access to safe drinking water. In addition, 2.5 billion are without becoming sanitation. Even though the freshwater supplies are sufficient for the worlds population, water scarcity exists due to poor management and distribution of water resources. Unsafe drinking water is the cause of death of more than five cardinal people each year.

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Why do people choose to take Complementary Medicines and Therapies Essay

Why do people choose to return Complementary Medicines and Therapies - Essay ExampleHere the emphses re rther different. While mny of the topics my seem fmilir from the policy driven gend-regultion, the demonstration bovine spongiform encephalitis, subprogram of CM by generl prctitioners (GPs), nurses nd others-they re treted in very different wy. ssumptions re chllenged motives nd strtegies re explored. CM is first nd foremost exmined s topic worthy of study in its own right, s historiclly specific socil product. Phenomen re studied in their socil context. It is this sociologicl rther thn policy-driven strting point tht underpins this study. While the reserch covered herein my provide insights of prcticl benefits, tht is not usully its fundmentl purpose.I have to express my thankfulness to people who participated in my research. They were of great athletic supporter as through the interviews I conducted it became possible to complete the research. I am also acknowledged to my pr ofessor, Mr move into THE NAME, who instructed me during composition of my thesis. Also I have to mention my wife/parents, who helped through writing and research. I nip honoured to know such great people and am happy that this topic is of such a kind interest.Complementry nd lterntive medicine (CM) is now mjor prt of the helthcre system in ll dvnced societies. It is lso common prt of discourse in medicine nd helthcre. This growth of interest hs only prtilly been mtched by cdemic study of it. Indeed, over recent yers there hs been n incresing realization tht CM is essentilly under-reserched (House of Lords 2000). However, with this recognition hs come n incresing concentrtion on prticulr form of reserch-tht gered towrds the production of n evidence bse nd/or n immedite relevnce to policy nd prctice. There ws n extrordinry growth in the use of complementry nd lterntive therpies nd medicines (CM) in the ltter hlf of the twentieth century in Europe, ustrli, Cnd nd the US (Ernst 200 0 Sks 2001 Wootton nd Sprber 2001). This pper sets verboten some of the explntions tht hve been presented to help understnd this extrordinry growth nd, wherever possible, exmines empiricl studies to evlute, modify or extend those explntions The globl extent of the growth nd the globl chnge in sttus nd nomenclture mens tht the reson for the chnges cn not be found by exmining specific countrys helthcre systems. Nor cn it be found by exmining helth providers or even by looking t people who re sick. Sick people do turn to CM, but the dys when doctors could dismiss lterntive medicine s the lst refuge of the terminlly ill re long

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Modernity and theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Modernity and theory - Essay ExampleMore specifically, the modern era is generally considered to arrive at begun sometime between 1870 and 1970. Some further limit contemporaneousness to the 1910-1960 period, after which the post-modern era is said to beget started.Modernity started as a prevailing popular social attitude in Western atomic number 63 during about the seventeenth century (which subsequently developed a world-wide influence). Modernity is characterized by changes in the economy-the approach of industrialism and capitalism, with social class as the main form of social division. Modernity is characterized also by urbanization, or the rapid birth and growth of cities. Modernity also means changes in government-the government is now centralized and, in effect, more powerful (although modernity also means generally more power to the one-on-one).In modernity there is also a rise in general knowledge-society becomes more rational and scientific, and the dependence on reli gion and superstition is less.According to Peter Berger, among the characteristics of modernity are the disintegration of traditional communities, the broadening of individual freedom and choice, the diversification of beliefs, and the future-oriented or progress-centric attitude of society in general.

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Intellectual Property and Copyright Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Intellectual Property and Copyright - Case Study ExampleJoe who has no view what he wants to do except more drugs and more girls and is easily persuaded to join his brothers new great come up to Larger. Joe is withal lazy to do any(prenominal)thing more than what his brother tells him. sur sheath-to-air missile decided the bassist and drummer leave be his two disused mates - who may not be the best medicinal drugians in the world but they have poor else going on and argon if nothing else are loyal. So surface-to-air missile gets Jeff Williams his old school admirer on bass and Gary shoemaker on drums. As far as surface-to-air missile is concerned they will do for now.They start rehearsing at a basement studio in Kings Cross called The Basement where surface-to-air missile often works as a studio hand and roadie to bands on tour. The Basement let Sam use the studio to make a 5 track demo on the basis that if any money comes in they will get paid, although Steve the Basements owner also mentions overrides if they get famous -Sam tells him to get confounded but they have a drink on it any way. Sam gets Larger on the appoint to play the unsigned bands night at the music industry conference In The City in Manchester in September 1996. They play a shambolic set but Joe makes an impression on several of the A n R men and also several management companies and booking agents show real interest. Sam does all the meetings and never invites the other band members to come along unless the A n R race want to meet them. Sam also meets several management people. Finally Sam picks a four-in-hand and tells the others - the management company is called Strong Management and is fronted by eighties managing legend John Coldheart. Joe thinks he is a tosser but offers no further comment. Coldheart gets the band a deal with a major label and gets the band to use his lawyer Alex Shark who is a partner at the firm Sharks and Co. Alex Shark tells the band the deal is great and says he will explain it all to them at the signing party at the usher company Hit Records Inc. The band members get completely plastered at the party and Alex finds it hard to note them silent long enough to read the deal - they all sign the paper work they are given. Largers first album The Abusers Manifesto goes straight in at number one and sells 5 million copies worldwide. Sam sacks Jeff Williams and Gary Cobbler. Jeff complains and Sam sends him a cheque for 10,000 with a earn saying it is a pay off - Sam cc the letter to Alex Shark and John Coldheart. Sam has all the writing credits and receives all the publishing money and does a million pound publishing deal with a major publisher. Joe marries a super model and his face is everywhere. Coldheart management become Larger management in partnership with Sam. It turns out that there is a article in the original record company wad saying that Sam and Joe own the name Larger. The contract also names Sam and Joe as key membe rs, with several key members rights. 1) What action can Jeff Williams and Gary Cobbler pose against Sam 2) What action can they bring against Alex Shark and his company 3) What action can they bring against John Coldheart 4) Can you suggest other ways in which this band could have moved preceding and how some of these problems could have been avoided AnswerIn order to come up with the answer to the issues involved in the question, let us first take a study on the customary practices in music business at the United Kingdom, and the relevant law to copyright.The Music ContractForming a band

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The current internationalisation policy with respect to global Essay

The current internationalisation policy with respect to global scheme theories - leaven ExampleThis essay discusses that label and Spencer started its operation back in the 19th century with a kiosk on Kirkgate market in Leeds. The follow targeted clients with above average income and provided high quality garments. The companionship as well as sells luxury food items. It was the first retailer in Britain to achieve 1 Billion pound pre tax income income. The company operates in different countries today but its market share is not as it was before. The companys internationalisation process failed drastically which made the company lose its clients. The international operations of Marks and Spencer were contributing a mere 1.25% to the pre tax income of the whole firm by 2000. This shows how Marks and Spencer failed drastically in going global. Marks and Spencer started its formal internationalisation through acquisition in Canada in1973. Therefore Marks and Spencer was not new to internationalisation in 2000 but still the company did this sorry. International sales consisted of 25% of companys retail floor but still its contribution to company profits was negligible. This is clear demonstration of the failure of internalisation of the company. The company used different modes of entry ranging from acquisition to franchising. Mostly Marks and Spencer move to establish its own stores abroad through acquisition but franchising was also used in countries with less(prenominal) population. The policy of controlling everything on its own is deeply engrained in the culture of the company as managers ordinarily like to do something by themselves. This is why acquisition were mainly preferred for twain food products and change state line while franchising was used when market was too small to start operations directly. The main problem of the company was its strict bureaucratic culture. This culture hindered the flow of innovative ideas within the company as older management was not interested in newer ideas (Case scan Marks and Spencer, 2011). This is what led to the downfall of the company both in the international arena and in UK. The company wanted to grow but its growth strategy was based on traditional mindset of acquisition. They thought they could continue to grow like before if they persisted apply their same old business strategy but while doing so they ignored competition and changing business environment. Research suggests that bureaucratic culture lowers innovation and performance of firms (Homburg & Pflesser, 2000). This is one of the reasons why internationalisation went bad for Marks and Spencer. There was also lack of vision when it came to internationalisation within the company. They focused too overmuch on daily activities without taking into account the long term direction the company should take (Case Study Marks and Spencer, 2011). This also had an adverse effect on the global performance of the company beca use it

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Corporate Fundraising Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Corporate Fundraising - Essay utilizationAccording to s 715A, the bid document should be presented and worded in a concise, clear and effective style. An offer document should supply with all relevant information and material to the investor and by doing so, the fraternity would help the investor to shake a wise investment decision. Thus, an offer document should be prep atomic number 18d as the guidelines provided in CA 20011. A proprietary confederacy in Australia is barred from fund raising from the public. Some types of demeanour by corporations in Australia pertaining to financial services and products like the making of deceptive or bogus statements or involving in deceptive or deceptive conduct is barred. However, under s 113(3), a proprietary company stooge raise funds from the general public if the fundraising does not require a disclosure document where thither is an exception. A corporation is not required to file a lengthy prospectus if it is exempted under s 708 o r if the quantum of money to be embossed is $ 10 m or less from the public. A company is required to file only an offer information statement if the amount that is going to be raised is $ 10 m or less. ... If the government issue size is $ 5 million or less, an Australian company may issue offer information statements in lieu of a prospectus. In Hurst v Vestcorp Ltd (1988) 12 NSWLR 394, it was emphasised the significance of proper disclosure documents by a company while inviting the public for investment in its shares3. It is to be noted that offer of securities obtained outside Australia will not fall under the 700 (4) of the kittys routine 2001 (Cth). For example, if The light-green Coffee club Ltd, makes an offer of $7 million and $15 million in jacket crown in Vietnam, then Australian laws will not be applicable. Further , if The Green Coffee Company Ltd wanted to raise $ 10 million or less , there is no need to issue a detailed prospectus or if is exempted under s 708. I f it is intend to raise more than $ 10 million, it has to compulsorily file a detailed prospectus with ASIC and is bound by its statements. Application of Law The Corporation Act 2001 function to make sure that the investors are safeguarded when they make a decision to buy shares. assumptive that the Green Coffee Company Ltd and not a proprietary limited company , if the company wants to go for public issue , then it has to observe the provisions contained in Chapter 6D of the Corporation Act 2001(Cth). There are many options available for the Green Coffee company as regards to fund raising. It may go for a public issue or may approach bankers to advance loan or issue of debentures, etcetera Thus, proper mixture of minimal public issue with loan capital may offer leverage or gearing to the company thereby enhancing its Return on Equity (ROE). In a nutshell, Green Coffee Company may engage to release an offer information statement

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This I believe Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

This I believe - Essay ExampleAdvice on how to get refer screw be obtained from our local churches, non-profit organizations, and governmental institutions. The reason I believe so much in volunteerism is because I have in the past been involved in volunteer work. I use to foster unwrap at a local shelter for homeless people. The experience of helping out the execrable was very gratifying form me. The act of giving back to the community can help reach our souls. I have had some family members that have fallen on some hard times and depart homeless. Knowing that there are people out there that are willing to help out the poor by volunteering their time makes me believe that societys problems no matter how complex can be solved if we put our minds to it. Volunteer work can help out a stack of American families. In the United States there are over 37 million people animated under the federal poverty line (Americanprogress). This figure means that nearly 12% of the US universe i s suffering from poverty. The efforts of volunteers can help become a part of the solution. Volunteer work can excessively help the sick and the elderly. There are lots of benefits of volunteering. It can help a person maturation their skills, gain experience, and expand their network of contacts.

Economy of Cameroon Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Economy of Cameroon - Essay useFood producing industry is highly developed especi on the wholey comparing to other Africa countries, so Cameroon is self-sufficient on the domestic food market and even exports livestock to neighbor countries such as Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, and the state of the Congo. Industrial fishing reduces its development because of a low level of fish in the region and doesnt make a great income anymore (Benneh, G). Quite opposite is a wood producing industry. One-third from all Cameroons forests is widely exploited now. Raw wood export is one of the most important sectors of Cameroons infrastructure and gives about one-tenth from the general export income. For the worlds market, Cameroon (along with Brazil and Indonesia) is one of the main(prenominal) timber (industrial wood) producers. Because of the agricultural sectors successful functioning, most of the population in Cameroon is involved in this sector as workers. But theres an expansion tendency in w ood producing industry, so Cameroon now suffers from illegal logging.Another problem which camps countrys economic development comes from its forests location a spile of natural goods in Cameroon lay in forests areas. Potentially, Cameroon is one of the worlds largest producers of cobalt, but the country doesnt develop cobalt locations in the forests areas. In these circumstances, oil and gas producing industry is most important for the rescue of the country. Though compared to other countries it isnt big, it gives Cameroon about one-fourth of a general income.

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Finance and Accounting Problem Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Finance and Accounting Problem - Essay ExampleBank interest is deducted at source at the rate of 20%. Therefore, they cannot be included as valueable income. Depreciation reflects how resolved assets of business reduce in value through wear and tear. However, depreciation is just an accounting archetype with nothing to do with taxation. Depreciation can be manipulated and taxmen do not recognize it as an allowable tax. Instead, annual capital allowance is computed. Vehicle of businesses have a standard rate of 25% on a reducing balance. In April 2008, Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) of ?50,000 per annum was introduced. This allowed business entities to spend ?50,000 annually and state the full cost against tax. For Sams case, the tax written down value for the car in 2012 is ?6,750. According to the tax law in the UK the capital allowance on the car is the lower of 25% of the written down value of the car or ?3000 each year. ... 234.00 affix Car Tax (178 g/km) ? 210.00 Less t hose form charity ? 100.00 ? 31,542.08 Notes pay as you earn tax and NIC thresholds are ?7,475 and ?7,225 per year respectively. Table 3- Computation of PAYE Income Rate Amount Amount ?7,475.00 ?35,000.00 20% ?27,525.00 ? 5,505.00 ?35,001.00 ?80,771.25 40% ?45,770.25 ? 18,308.10 Total ?23,813.10 Table 4- Computation National insurance policy Contribution (Sam is categorized as in class 4) Income Rate Amount Amount ?7,225.00 ?42,475.00 9% ?35,250.00 ? 3,172.50 ?42,476.00 ?80,771.25 11% ?38,295.25 ?4,212.48 Total ?7,384.98 The dividends paid as tax was 32.5% of ?720=?234 Car tax for a car producing 178 g/km CO2 is ? 210.00. Contribution to charity is computed taking into consideration that Sam declared that he is UKs tax payer. Therefore, Sam has to be refunded some money, which is computed as follows. The amount to be refunded = ?400? ((40-20) ?80) = ?100 Question 3 Table 5- Sams Income Tax and National Insurance Computation for 2011/12 if he is classified advertisement as an empl oyee of West London Ltd. Add PAYE ?22,303.12 Add NIC class 1D ? 11174.06 Add taxable dividends ?234.00 Add Car Tax (178 g/km) ?210.00 Income tax ? 3,477.18 Notes Table 6- Taxable income Item Amount Basic lucre ? 76,996.31 Benefits 0 Taxable income ? 76,996.31 Table 7- PAYE computation Income Amount Used Rate Amount ?7475.00 ?35000.00 ?27525.00 20% ?5505.00 ?35001.00 ?76996.31 ?41995.31 40% ?16798.12 Total PAYE ?22303.12 Sam earns higher income and will be paid ?90,000 annually inclusive of National Insurance Contributions. No reimbursement for any travelling or accommodation when away from home on branch visits and no refund for trade subscription and reference materials. Mileage payments for business travel. The mileage expenses are passport amounts

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MSc International Management Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

MSc International centering - Dissertation ExampleCultural diversity is a trend in the age of globalization. Meanwhile, the demand for situate products is growing. Adaptation is one innovation that global organizations have to apply in their merchandise strategies to adjust to heathenish differences. McDonalds UK is the main focus in our study of standardization and adaptation. McDonalds originally came from the United States. When it penetrates impertinent markets, it has to adapt to the cultures of the country of destination. This is what they call adaptation, as opposed to standardization of products. McDonalds UK suffered rough sailing in the initial stages. Later on, it adapted strategies. How the company did it is a test of the companys desire to break through is the primary focus of this paper. There are criticisms that McDonalds do not apply diversity in its marketing strategy and that as an world(prenominal) organization, it is an agent of globalization. Adaptation is coping with a culture of a country where an organization operates. If an organization wants to do business in a country with a various culture, it has to adapt. It always has to cope with the local culture. Cross-cultural aspects affect the people in the organization, including organizational knowledge, marketing, product mix, etcetera International organizations have their own way of doing foreign marketing. Some modify a little of their products and strategies, or adapt to the culture and behavior of the local community. 2. Literature Review A remarkable gap surrounded by standardization and adaptation is that it is still one of the controversial issues and has always been a subject of flip over among international companies since 1961 (Vignali and Vrontis 1999 Elinder, 1961 cited in Vrontis et al., 2009). To date, international companies still battle over which one to choose. There have been numerous studies conducted on these two subjects but it remains a hot topic for dis cussion (Vrontis et al., 2009). Vignali and Vrontis (1999 cited in Vrontis et al., 2009) stated that the debate started as far back as 1961 when advertising was one of the primary topics. Multinational companies wanted to regulate advertising, and to further apply it to other promotional mix and marketing mix. Until now the debate whether to standardize marketing (or to adapt new products) remains a focal point for discussion (Schultz and Kitchen, 2000 Kanso and Kitchen, 2004 Kitchen and de Pelsmacker, 2004 Vrontis et al., 2009). Ryans et al. (2003 cited in Vrontis et al., 2009, p. 478) pointed out that pedantic research on this subject has covered much of the literature on marketing. They pointed out that because of globalization, there has been a surplus of exports over imports, prompting international companies to minimize cost of production. However, firms realized that it was necessary to answer or meet the needs and wants of consumers. Meeting the needs and wants of customer s is a primary marketing strategy of international companies nowadays. A study was conducted by Hite and Fraser in 1988 on whether firms used standardization or adaptation in their international trade and business throughout many countries. The study utilized a sample of 418 Fortune calciferol companies, and the findings were varied and, in fact, surprising. The respondents comprised of 66 percent international firms who advertised internationally, but of this percentage, only 8

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Values for professional studies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Values for passkey studies - Essay ExampleThe cycle comprises six stages namely, description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and final stage is an action plan to have if the situation arose again (NHS, 2006). Baird and Winter (2005, p.156) give some reasons why reflection is required in the wistful practice. They state that a reflect is to generate the practical knowledge, assist an king to adapt to new situations, stupefy self-esteem and satisfaction as well as to value, develop and professionalizing practice. However, Siviter (2004, p.165) rationalises that reflection is about gaining self-confidence, identify when to improve, discipline from own mistakes and behaviour, looking at other peoples perspectives, being self-aware and improving the future(a) by learning the past. In my context with the patient, it is important for me to improve the therapeutic kindred, which is the nurse-patient relationship. In the therapeutic relationship, on that point is the the rapeutic rapport to establish from a sense of faith and a mutual understanding lively between a nurse and a patient that builds in a special link of the relationship (Harkreader and Hogan, 2004, p.243). (Peplau 1952, cited in Harkreader and Hogan 2004, p.245) note that a good contact in a therapeutic relationship builds trust as well as raises the patients self-esteem, which could lead to new personal growth for the patient. Besides, (Ruesch 1961, cited in Arnold and Boggs 2007, p.200) mention the purpose of the therapeutic communication is to improve the patients ability to function. Therefore, in articulate to establish a therapeutic nurse-patient interaction, a nurse must show up caring, sincerity, empathy and trustworthiness (Kathol, 2003, p.33). Those attitudes could be expressed by promoting the effective communication and relationships by the implementation of interpersonal skills. Johnson (2008) defines that the interpersonal skills is the total ability to communicate eff ectively with other people. Chitty and Black (2007, p.218) mention that communication is the exchange of information, thoughts and ideas via verbal and non-verbal communication processes. They explain that verbal communication consists of all speech whereas non-verbal communication consists of gestures, postures, facial expressions, tone and level of volume. In this grant I discuss my development of therapeutic relationship in the circumstance of the nurse-patient relationship using the interpersonal skills. My reflection is about a patient, Mary (not the real name) whose real name is confided to protect the confidentiality of patients information (NMC, 2004). DESCRIPTION (What happened ?) In this paragraph, I would describe on the event that took place during my clinical placement. I was on the female psychiatric ward. Once I noticed one cleaning woman was still sit on her bed trying to take something from the cupboard. She was Mrs. Mary, 76 years old who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia. She was unable to control her muscularity movement due to tremor. She was having a side effect of anti psychotic medication which was a shaking palsy (Sahelian, 2005). She could not walk herself and need to be assisted if she wanted to stand or walk. This old woman was unable to feed on her own. Therefore, I checked her diet chart and served a cup of milk from her cupboard. To confirm that Mrs. Mary was actually wanting some milk I had to involve in a lengthy process of

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Colin Powell Address the Nation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Colin Powell Address the Nation - Essay ExampleHe had often fought with the hawks in the administration, who were allegedly cookery an Iraq invasion even before the September 11 attacks-an insight supported by evidence by former terrorism czar Richard Clarke in front of the 9/11 Commission.The main concession Powell treasured before he would offer his full support for the Iraq War was the participation of the international community in the attack, unlike the one-sided approach some of the hawks were championing. He was also thriving in convincing provide to take the case of Iraq to the United Nations, and in moderating other initiatives. Powell was placed at the vanguard of this diplomatic campaign. Powells main role was to gather international support for a multi-national alliance to increase the invasion. To this end, Powell addressed a plenary session of the United Nations Security Council on February 5, 2003 to bicker in favor of military action. Quoting legion(predicate) na meless Iraqi defectors, Powell declared that We know that Saddam ibn Talal Hussein is headstrong to keep his weapons of mass destruction, is determined to make more. (Cockburn, online) Powell also remarked that there was no doubt in my mind that Saddam was working to baffle key components to produce nuclear weapons.There was a general rejection of the proof Powell offered that the regime of Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

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Designing The User Interface Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Designing The User Interface - Essay guinea pighich were exclusively available to computer users initially, be now easily accessible through mobile devices and jail cell phones to billions of users, thus assisting individuals with low incomes, low literacy or disabilities to make use of the available applied science advancements, for example the apples iTunes interface found on http//www.apple.com/itunes/ (Shneiderman and Plaisant,7).All this is possible since the User-interface designers and researchers have harnessed advanced technology to serve human needs. Through User-interface design, many business success stories have been produced, notably in internationalist partnerships and mega-mergers through increased decision-support and information sharing arising from the interface designs. Such partnerships and mergers include, for example, the partnership between YouTube found at http//www.youtube.com/ and PlayStation3 (Shneiderman and Plaisant, 9).Nevertheless, User-interface design produces intense competition among business and individuals, as well as resulting to the infringement of copyrights and intellectual holding legal battles, such as the ones between advanced cell phone and computer companies (Shneiderman and Plaisant, 12). Further controversies contact User-interface design includes the inadequacies of the user-interfaces, which have in turn resulted in violations of the issues of national defense, personalised identification, crime fighting and personal electronic health records (Shneiderman and Plaisant, 5).At a personal level, user-interfaces have changed people lives, through assisting individuals and professionals to effectively reach out their tasks, such as assisting doctors to undertake successful diagnosis or assisting pilots to fly planes safely (Shneiderman and Plaisant, 6). Nevertheless, there are various shortcomings associated with user-interfaces, such as the frustrations that users often have do encounter, in regards to th e complexity of the interface menus, terminologies that

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5 cold war Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

5 cold war - Assignment ExampleThe disintegration of the communism in eastern Europe and the Soviet Union was the most unexpected and rapid major economic and social sack that occurred in the 20th century.Although the demise of communism in Eastern Europe was largely peaceful, it had extremely destabilizing repercussions in the Soviet Union. This was due to the fact that communism was founded on two defining economic features which were characterized by a centralized command economy in which prices as well as output targets were administratively fixed. It is worthy noting that the key premise behind communism was that the cause of human suffering was capitalism and its subsequent deficiency of the distribution of wealth.The heaviest price that was paid by the relatively disorganized manner in which communism cease was the financial/ monetary costs that the European countries had to face, and the subsequent debt the states would have to the West for the economic assistance offere d to assistant in the building of market economies in the East. There was an unexpected high cost to reunification and reconstructive memory in the East which consequently caused tension which spilled over the countrys borders. Additionally, there was a apace growth in the number of Eastern European immigrants which in turn spurred powerful racists and rightist semipolitical movements which ultimately culminated in anti-immigrant riots.Unfortunately, as a result, there was a great increase in unemployment caused by the chaos on the currency markets in Europe and the fragmenting of the European monetary system. There was a sluggish recession characterized by unemployment and hyperinflation where peoples savings were exhausted. Unfortunately, European governments were preoccupied with striving to lower their work out deficits as well as the national inflation and had little room to deal with the issue of unemployment or any other social issues that arose from the collapse of comm unism. Therefore, due to the mentioned

Latino Narrative Film Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Hispanic Narrative Film - Research Paper ExampleSpea fagot intimately Latin cinema of that period, it is price mentioning that common historical destiny of the all countries of the continent largely take to the commonality of the social problems that most of the Latin countries faced with. It also determined the interrelation and spiritual affinity, which erect the expression in the cinematograph. In most general terms, the Latin cinema is closely connected with the subject field reality and national identity (Shaw, and Dennison 6). The current paper will consider and compare two examples of the Latino cinematography, Romero (1989) and Innocent Voices (2004), brightly representing the national idea and national values in the context of the civil state of war in El Salvador. Due to the different social statuses of the main heroes, these two stories appear to be different, and the common problem of national oppression makes them alike. The comparison of the films will be conducte d with the enclosing of the historical context, inadequate description, reasons and methods of imaging, the authors used in both movies. Before starting to analyze the movies and understand the relevance of the problems discussed in films, it worth considering the historical background. The suggested movies tell their stories that developed during the civil conflict in El Salvador in 1970s 1980s. ... king measures of this, but was ensuring the interests of large landowners and foreign monopolies that naturally led to the roll of the public moods to the left over(p), to communism. The electoral frauds during the 70s and the violent suppressions of public demonstrations against resulted in the bitterness of national mind. In the 70s the left powers of El Salvador were increasingly inclining to use the force, when democratic methods did not help. The main part of the activities of sabotage and tip-and-run attacks in the 70s was carried by the several revolutionary leftist groups. I n the drawship of these groups thither was a constant discussion on the ways of combating whether to use force or to agitate among people. The leader of the communist party, Salvador Cayetano Carpio, stood for the violent methods and the introduction of the Vietnamese tactics of the long struggle against the governing regime. In the early 70s Carpio left the Communist party and created the Farabundo Marti Liberation Peoples Forces (FPL) (Manwaring, and Prisk 39). The energy of Catholic clergy and the creation of the nation-wide organizations such as trade unions and peasant federations led to broadening of the base of the left forces and the creation of the conditions to seize the power. A large number of converted to communism came from the universities. There was an external factor of the socialistic revolution in Cuba contributing to the strengthening of the tension on the governing regime. The latter in El Salvador was conservative and economically dropping behind. Moreover, most of its money means was received as a help from the United States (Murray 14). From the graduation exercise of 1980s there started an intensive integration of the left radicals. Already in 1980

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Cross-Cultural Study of Sex and Gender Assignment

Cross-Cultural Study of Sex and Gender - Assignment ExampleIt has been widely known that all of those given parameters contain provoking issues that affect the whole society throughout history. in that respect is no excuse for all springs of societies around the world have one or more of those problems. severally problem has its own topics of debates among the societal members.The pros and the antis regarding specific issues take their stance by proving the other side as wrong. They present details to support their claims and arguments are sometimes placed in a book form where they show all of the details. They explain those arguments as much as they can and share those with other people. though that may be the case, some books do not side with any argument as they pronounce to objectively study, analyze and present the issues and the probable solutions from both sides.As mentioned above, those issues are very important to elucidate though they already exist for decades. One of those is the issue of sex and grammatical gender and how the society haves it. As a topic, it is a broad and controversial concept with many issues deep within. The concept is not restricted to the view on the sex as an act pertaining intercourse but also includes genital health, pregnancy, gender orientation, gender equality, and many more. They are all important topics to be discussed since everybody is affected by one or the other.In the paper, three books are presented and are reviewed critically regarding the versatile issues in gender and sexuality in various settings. Each book tackles the different issue which is important to be disseminated to everyone to prevent oppression and negative effects. afterwards looking deep into the issues, possible solutions are make and further studies can be done to intone the understanding and establish the solid answers to existing societal problems.The first book is entitled Fixing workforce Sex, Birth Control, and AIDS in Mexico wri tten by Michael Gutmann based on the research he made in Oaxaca. He revealed some unfamiliar facts mixed with new findings regarding the role of men in return as AIDS has become rampant.

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Transformative Learning Essay Example for Free

Transformative Learning EssayTransformative learning is delimitate as a process of getting beyond gaining factual knowledge alone to instead grow changed by what one learns in some meaningful way.(Wikipedia). Michael Tsao, Kasuyo Takahashi, Jamal Olusesi, and Shikha Jain of the University of Georgia, defined transformative learning as, learning to purposively doubtfulness ones own assumptions, beliefs, feelings, and perspectives in order to grow or mature personally and intellectually (Wikipedia).Transformative learning was introduced by Jack Mezirow in 1978 as an adult education but over the years, Susan Imel tell that it has evolved into a comprehensive and complex description of how learners construe, validate, and reformulate the meaning of their run across. (Imel as cited by Mark Smith). agree to Carrie Paechster, transformative learning does not only focus upon the transmission of existing knowledge but also acknowledges the impressiveness of new knowledge being prod uced with in workplace communities. (p8) He noted that a role for a theory of instruction as well as the focus on the social processes, relationships, and resources that argon involve to support learning.(p. 68). Paechter emphasized that instruction in this sense involves ensuring that the goals of learning are clear and people are encouraged thinking beyond the immediate circumstances. (p.68).Thus, transformative learning has become an important option for individualistics to have, and to experience as this could enhance ones potentiality and the ability to cope with the increasing pressures of the day to day circumstances. It is instead common that there are circumstances that sometimes difficult to handle especially when encounter railway locomotive trouble along the way with no one else to suffice. This often poses fuss not only in matters of schedule but in physical safety as well.International Association for Continuing didactics and Training, Juanita S Stein and Shanan Farmer stated that transformative learning opens door to substantial learning experiences that can be cultivated in a life long scope of practice (p. 199). They pointed further that transformative learning provides a perspective and can be associated with strategies that exit cultivate an approach to reflective practice, cope with change, and create solutions that go forth be indigenous to the participants (p. 199).Design and ImplementationSince there are not many resources for an established chassis and implementation of transformative learning in the university context, here is a functional design and implementation of transformative learning in the university context.The university depart adopt a non formal yet matter-of-fact education in basic and practical know-how which offers basic knowledge and skills in the following fields of experience Car engine trouble shooting, plumbing system and basic life saving technique. This course is designed to equip and empower students to handle unexpected problem by them particularly in a situation where help is not possible.This course is a both months architectural plan which classes are to be held every afternoon on Saturdays. The concept of this program was derived from an information relates by Fordham University at an international conference in Williamsburg USA in 1967, about a growing domain educational crises Non formal Practical education pass on offer practical education which aim not only theoretically well feed but also practically well rounded.This short-term program has to be adopted by the university as an arm of the university in helping out-of-school youth and adults. This will be offered free of tuition fee except of miscellaneous expenses. All applicants of this program must have requirements such as birth certificate, residence certificate, endorsement of the local community officials and good moral shell from previous school attended for out-of-school youth. Those who can complete th e program will be devoted certificates of compliance which he can use in applying for a job and for any purpose it may serve him or her.The classes will be held every Saturday afternoon within the duration of four months during stiff classes, and two months during summer classes in which classes are held during Saturdays and Sundays.Critical Discussion of the Design and Outcome Non-formal education is a two-month course designed to provide students a new perspective, a new experience that will help them cope with change and create solutions that will be indigenous to the participants. In this course, the experience that the students get will help them realize that they have potentials and they could explore based on this new experience.As they ponder upon their lives, they will come to know themselves in terms of their potentials. As Jack Mezerow defines transformative learning, it is the process by which we transform our taken-for-granted frames of point of reference (as cited in Eric fend). That is, perspective mindset, habits, and mind to make them more inclusive, discriminating, open, emotionally capable of change, and reflective so that they go beliefs and opinions that will prove more time or justified to guide actions.By participating in the non-formal practical education, as Nancy Franz stated, the goal of transformative learning theory is the empowerment through critical reflection for a more participating learning society the participants are expected to become socially involved particularly if anyone is need of help. This non-formal practical education is designed to equip and empower participants with practical know-how. It means that the participants develop a new meaning or perspective of their experience from a new context derived from triggering events and through conversation with others to assess and justify their own assumptions. Thus, transformative learning has become important thing for every adult individual to have and to experien ce as this could enhance ones potentiality.ReflectionMost of the students who have undergone non-formal practical education are quite confident and has developed a sense of self-worth knowing that they are not only professional who are experts in office or business related matters. Confident that in a sense, they knew that within them are the technical skills they have developed out of their new experience.The knowledge that they got from this experience have transformed their minds from a helpless-need help individuals at particular circumstances to-do-it myself attitude. The transformation of their mindset has modify them to face and to cope up with day to day real life challenges with a sense of compliment that they could handle even the worst case scenario.Most of all, the program give the students a hope and an probability to gain skills which they can use in order to survive in this world.Work CitedFranz, Nancy 2007. Adult pedagogics Theories Informing Cooperative Extensio ns Transformation. Journal of Extention.http//www.joe.org/200/February/a1.shtml.Stein, J Farmer, S. 2004. Connotative Learning The flight simulators Guide to Learning Theories and Their Practical Application to Training and Design. International Association for Continuing pedagogy and Training. USA Kendall HuntPaechter, Carrie 2001. Knowledge, Power Learning. London Sage PublicationSmith, Mark 2007. Infed. http//www.infed.org/biblio/b-nonfor.htmTransformative Learning in Adulthood. ERIC Digest no. 200.http//www.ericdigests.org/1999-2/adulthood.htm

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Mahatma Gandhi Essay Example for Free

Mahatma Gandhi EssayMahatma Gandhi was a believer of sorting stunned conflicts through peaceful int send away. Ahimsa wishes no harm to any living being, whether human or not. It included not only a lack of physical harm to ones opponents, but also a lack of hatred or towards them. Ahimsa originated from ancient India, evidenced by scriptures, and is practiced in the religions Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.Living in the period of time when India was being colonized and unjustly treated by the British, Gandhi recitationd ahimsa as a weapon to free India from British rule. He believed that the best way to resist tyranny is through polished disobedience, which is founded upon Ahimsa.Even if this was an event of the past, it says so oftentimes close the set up. Nowadays, most conflicts thronenot be solved without shedding blood. It is meritless to think that violence is the solution of the passel to problems when in fact, it just makes things worse.There atomic number 1 8 many things we can learn from this, which is why it is so important for us to study history in the first place. wish Mahatma Gandhi, we should be advocators of peace and respect. Every living being has value, which most people need to understand. There are so many people who are ab riding wontd, raped, killed, or unjustly treated through early(a) means every single day while the rest of the world remain unconcerned and go about their busy yet meaningless life.I really admire and look up to Mahatma Gandhi for the fact that he remained righteous up to his death despite being arrested and faced with many challenges. He united often of India through his efforts. The people will always remember him for his struggle and sacrifice to free India from slavery, poverty and end untouchability. The title Mahatma or Great Soul given to Gandhi is really befitting to him.Our world needs to a bullyer extent people like Mahatma Gandhi in order for it to be in peace, order, and harmony. There is just too much chaos going on, more than we are aware of. Ahimsa or non-violence would make our world a damp place to live in. We just piddle to believe and practice it.Ahimsa is not only significant to the present but also to the future. We can have a peaceful future if we start following Ahimsa. The continous use of violence could bring serious consequences for the future. This is why we have to stop and think of what is best for this worldPracticing ahimsa is emphatically not easy, its probably very difficult but it doesnt mean that we can use it as an excuse. We have to strive hard by struggling in the beginning until it becomes a habit or norm.Gandhi also believed in Satyagraha, soul force or truth force, a concomitant philosophy and practice within nonviolent resistance. The term was conceived and developed by him. One who practices satyagraha is called a satyagrahi. The hypothesis of satyagraha sees means and ends as inseparable. Gandhi believed that nonviolence is inf initely superior to violence, forgiveness is more manly than punishment. He insisted on the harmony and unity of thought, word, and deed. To Gandhi, the Hindu creed was Search after Truth through nonviolent means. Satyagraha, Gandhis attempt to conflict, was to hold firmly to the Truth. He also believed that violence shuts off channels of communication.The Satyagraha theory has influenced many other movements around the world on civil resistance. Gandhi had become a role model to other great leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. If Mahatma Gandhi can influence great minds, he should be able to influence the common people. He has left with us great teachings which would be able to alleviate us solve many problems. If only we are open to them, we will be gaining access to peace and harmony.Even today, he is looked up to and well-respected. In India, Mahatma Gandhis face is on every rupee note. Moreover, thither are Gandhi Ashrams and shops which continue to support his ideas of rura l education and cottage industries. The Sarvodaya movement keeps alive the Gandhian approach. Indians visualize him as the father of their nation. Many Jains regard Gandhi as possessing and spreading the highest Jain principles. Millions around the world have been inspired by Gandhi and he is thought of today as an international saint.Not much people have left such large footprints in this world. One has to be truly great in order to be etched in our minds and hearts. Mahatma Gandhi is an example of a great individual. He deserves the recognition he has received, and the honor that is present upto today.

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Assignment †Week 3 †Esposito-Hilder vs. SFX case Essay Example for Free

duty assignment Week 3 Esposito-Hilder vs. SFX case Essay1) What is the most jealousy protected kind of language, according to the greetroom in this case? (3 points) Answer According to the court in this case, the most jealousy protected speech is that which advances the free, uninhibited flow of ideas and opinions on matters of public interest and concern. That which is addressed to matters of personal concern, or focuses upon persons who are non public figures is less stringently protected. 2) What court decided the case in the assignment? (2 points) Answer ultimate Court of New York3) Briefly state the facts of this case, using the information found in the case in LexisNexis. (5 points) Answer In this case, radio station and disc jockeys (defendants) challenged the judgment of the Supreme Court of New York, which denied their doubtfulness to dismiss the plaintiff private individual complaint for failure to state a cause of serve in her action alleging intentional i nfliction of e inquiryal distress. According to the information provided in this case, the plaintiff private individual bridal photograph was published in a local newspaper along with those of opposite brides.The same day, during a broadcast, the defendants engaged in a routine known as the ugliest bride contest. During this contest, they made uncomplimentary and disparaging comments about plaintiffs appearance. The plaintiff alleged that the defendants deviated from the regular routine of the contest by disclosing her full name that she worked as a competing radio station, as well as the identity of, and her dealings with, her superiors.The plaintiff alleged that she and her supervisors heard this broadcast and as a result of its offensive content, she experienced thorough emotional distress at the time because she was a newlywed. Additionally, the court affirmed the judgment of trial court, which denied the defendants motion to dismiss the plaintiffs complaint and found that t he plaintiff had an actionable claim. 4) According to the case, why was this not defamation, and what tort did the court approve a filing for? (5 points) Answer According to the case, this was not defamation collectable to the reason of being an expression of opinion. Due to the unique factual information presented in this case that the plaintiff was a private individual and the matter was not of public interest or concern, the court pass a filing for the plaintiffs lawsuit of the intentional infliction of emotional distress to proceed. 5) In the decision, why does the court state further proceedings will be required? (5 points) AnswerThe court states that further proceedings will be required because more investigation needs to be through with(p) into the plaintiffs allegations to determine what extent the allegations of her complaint ultimately satisfies the stringent requirements for the tort and sufficiently states a cause of action for intentional infliction of emotional dist ress. 6) Do you agree with this decision? Why or why not? (5 points) Answer This student agrees with this decision because even though at that place was a contest, there was no reason to disclose the plaintiffs personal information and details of her job and crystalise disparaging and derogatory comments about her appearance. Her personal information was revealed during the broadcast and therefore one could identify her and referable to these facts the plaintiff could experience emotional distress, especially since she was a newlywed.

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The Battle of Britain Essay Example for Free

The Battle of Britain Essay neer the Master, Always the Servant. How Accurate is this Statement in Regard to Wolseys Conduct of Foreign Policy 1513-29? Had I but served God as diligently as I capture served the King, he would not have given me everywhere in my grey hairs. Cardinal Wolsey c. 1472-1530 Here Wolsey himself professed his obedience to heat subject field VIII, but historians of the tierer century and a half claimed that between 1513 and 1529 external policy was governed entirely by Wolsey, some suggesting that total heat gave exactly perfunctory compliment to his decrees. Modern historians dispute this, the kings aspirations and decisions being of fundamental importance. The function remains unsettled however, regarding the extent of Wolseys influence and manipulation. Contemporaries argued that Wolsey was effectual ruler, Alter Rex during particularly the mid(prenominal) 1520s, his palatial home eclipsing heat contents in political importance. Wolsey was clear very cunning he won hydrogens favour by shrewdly encouraging him to enjoy leisure activities and pull out the mundane politicking to him exploiting the mistakes of his predecessors.Cavendish declares, Thus the almoner ruled exclusively those that ruled before him. notwithstanding, Wolseys despair to gain Henrys esteem is evidence merely of the need for Henrys approval as Wolsey distinctly appreciated. Henry intervened less in politics before 1529 than he did afterwards, but as Peter Gwyn recognises this was only due to his sincere satisfaction and comprehension of Wolseys loyalty. From 1512 Wolsey climbed the political ladder very swiftly utilising the opportunity of the French invasion to exceed Henrys expectations and impress the king with prizes in Tournai and Therouanne.By mid 1514 Wolsey was receiving wholly the kings important business affairs, and exploiting Henrys need for an authoritative chief handmaiden fully Wolsey admittedly used his persuasion to gain himself numerous offices Dean of Lincoln, Bishop of Tournai, Bishop of Lincoln and Archbishop of York. Although Warham slake held the some senior church office, as Archbishop of Canterbury, Wolsey had won himself Lord Chancellorship by 1518, making him head of the legal system. However Wolseys ascendancy was resultant from Henrys appreciation of his talents, by the time of the treaty of St.Germaine-en-Laye with France in 1514 Randell recognises Henrys apparent disinterest with routine diplomacy, He was still keen to win glory, but was content for someone else to arrange it for him. His connections with the Papal authorities brought about suspicion that he had tied England to Roman foreign policy, such as Pollards insinuation that Wolsey considered his duty to his spiritual master over that over the king In 1518 he was appointed Legatus a latere, a position he was guaranteed for life in 1524.Scarisbrick however discredits Papal loyalty, acknowledging Wolseys disregard for Papa l instruction as frequently as it was adhered to. Although England and the papacy had roughhewn interests, it was merely coincidental for the Popes wishes to be followed, and the king himself had the same attitude to Wolsey towards the pope. Henry cherished to become Defender of the Faith and did so, in 1521, and there is more proof that it was he who encouraged Wolsey to keep up the office of Pope than vice versa.As Palmer asserts, Wolsey was no more or less a consideration of the Papacy than Henry himself. Wosley required the position of Prince of the Church (gained 1515) because he had not won such approval from the Papcy as he had from his royal master. He did not wish to rival Henrys business office by becoming Prince of the State because he was assured of Henrys support. Although Wolsey bragged of being author of the pause at the Treaty of London in 1518, and despite evidence for him formulating his induce policies by 1517 as Gwyn defends he was winning glory for his master.Scarisbrick recognises Wolseys confide to become arbiter of Europe, but his dependence upon Henry is undeniable. As Randell recognises, Wolsey a good deal hid things from Henry and considered ways in which he could put things to him in order to provoke a desire response, to push contenders away and get away with more than he officially should. Vergil even suggested that Wolsey bribed Henry with gifts to stave off him whilst he was making demands and to gain further favour. All these efforts, however, merely emphasize Wolseys dependence upon the king and his desperation to maintain his support.Randell suggests that Wolsey made independent decisions often trivial but sometimes-major(ip) ones, but Henry could and sometimes did intervene. Wolsey constantly needed to appear to be implementing Henrys decisions even if it was not always strictly the case. Skelton and Palsgrave, authors of articles in the House of Lords December 1929 attacked Wolseys arrogance and misrule durin g parliament and regarding matters of foreign policy, alleging he bestowed himself excess authority and wrongfully excluded other councillors from attending court, but evidence suggests that they were pursuing a ruthless campaign to get him dismissed.Although, as Guy points out, up until 1927 more than the details were left to Wolsey Henry was nevertheless broadly responsible passim all matters of foreign policy. Wolsey may have organised much of the minor details, such as the demand transport arrangements and food supplies during invasions, but it was under Henrys direction and command. The king would instruct Wolsey and deliver details of the task, which Wolsey undeniably fulfilled exceptionally and often made fitting amendments to Henrys broader schemes.Henrys certain dominance was clear by means ofout a number of issues. In 1518 Henry plunk for the Holy Roman Emperor despite Wolseys disproval and efforts to persuade him oppositely. Scarisbrick identifies disparagement betwe en Henry and Wolsey throughout the events of 1520 and 1521 the athletic field of the Cloth of Gold in 1520 was extremely expensive and Wolsey discouraged Henry from spending such great amounts of money on what he anticipated to be a political fiasco, yet the event went in front with no expenses spared regardless of Wolseys advice.In 1521 Wolsey wanted peace in contrast to Henrys desire for warfare, but Wolsey was made to journey around Europe negotiating with Charles in Bruges that England and Spain should ally against France, and then returning to Calais. His comfortableness being that war would be delayed until 1522 but Henrys leadership is clear, the attack was still launched and Wolsey left disregarded once more. As Gwyn appreciates, Wolsey realised the importance of bringing honour to his master through dominating affairs which his desired neutrality would not bring.Wolsey deceived France against his own wishes to preserve Henrys major international role. In 1525 the Bat tle of Pavia saw the capture of King Francis and the strengthening of Henrys desire to become proud Ruler. Wolsey was then unable to act as an Imperial Arbitrator, Henry VIII wanted an Imperial adherence and Wolsey was forced to attempt the Amicable Grant for Henry to invade France, but this was impossible and in heroic the Treaty of the More was signed after the French war.The reversal was extremely embarrassing for Wolsey, who went through gangrene and dispute to gratify Henry VIII, eventually gaining an annual pension of 100000 gold crowns. Historian Dana Scott Campbell understands Wolsey as being motivated to tread the path necessary to ensure personal advancement and power in England. By satisfying Henry VIII with international glory and prestige his support was ensured although his power was compound by the Papal authorities, Roman influence was limited his self interest, over all else, forced him to please Henry primarily and the Pope if possible.He acted with more ala crity for Henry, and with more determination, joining the Anti-Imperial League of Cognac in 1526 and declaring war two years later. The Treaty of Cambrai in 1529 was a desperate attempt by Wolsey to declare Henrys partiality, and was signed by the leaders of England, France and the Holy Roman Empire. Wolsey underwent mortification and infringement of his own desires in order to please his King, both in the matters which he may have seem to see to it and in those which were quite obviously of Henrys design.Whether due to arrogance and untamed ambition or merely a desire to satisfy the King Wolsey routinely aimed to please him in all aspects of foreign policy. Grossel appreciates Wolseys desire to serve the king convictions in Wolseys vanity are now outdated as Wolsey clearly wanted to maintain the honour and influence of his own position through that of his king. Henrys coercive dominance is evidenced by the impossibility of Wolsey sustaining esteem as European Arbitrator because of Henrys belligerence (as well as the treachery of the European Kings).His independent decisions occurred only when permitted, or occasionally unknown, by Henry. Wolseys position was secured for the most part because of Henrys satisfaction with his conduct had it not been so (as in later years) Wolsey would have been rapidly dismissed. However, Randell recognises that the evidence for both supporting and admonishing Wolseys loyalty is in the form of letters written only to deceive the recipients, disparate word of mouth and untrustworthy third parties all of it unreliable.

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Formal assessment & Austin (1991) Essay Example for Free

Formal estimation Austin (1991) EssayFormal appraisal has been described by Austin (1991) as a process of gathering in drawation and utilization of that that information for individual and institutional advancement (p. 2). The information gathered may accommodate the school-age childs impuissance and strengths in certain subjects aras. Emphasis in ceremonial estimations is focusinged on the results of a standardized evaluation rivulets that ar administered under strict and correct environments. However, that information is very important for savant since they ar able to know how well they are progressing and verses to go about to deal with their weaknesses. sound judgment forms an important percentage of teaching and leaning that has a greater impact on student instruction (Saliu 271). Saliu goes on to demonstrate that sound judgment should be able to measure the criterion for which it was int oddment while maintaining consistence at the same time (271). Thi s paper go out discuss major components of formal culture which include reasons for assessing and administering shews to students, pertinent formal assessments that may be administered, returns and disadvantages of each event assessment.I will however, put forward some recommendations on what the instructor and institution needs to pay attention to in order to achieve the objectives of formal assessment. Reasons for assessing and administering testing to students The main reason for administering assessment is to monitor the students progress in learning as compared to other students of the same age or train (Wilson and Scalise 11). Assessments results are serviceable in screening and making decision on the level of qualifications to base career branch activities.The results are very utilitarian to the curriculum developers and syllabus preparation by both governments and institutions (Council of Europe 6). Results endure a good guide for weapons platform or escape eva luation since it presents the information in form of scores. The results incured are used by local and federal departments in policy formulation and implementation. Formal assessment should be viewed as a tool that drop be used to measure the level at which students receives information from the instructor rather than just braggy of labels 1 to 5 (Saliu 272).Moreover, formal test flush toilet come about valuable information regarding a student progress in mastering the subject case of a circumstance course at certain levels of study. The results offers a good insight to the teacher when organizing the materials and message for students to lean at comfortable pace yet achieving at their best level possible (Saliu 272). all the way delimited results are very useful in facilitating students to focus their time and energy towards self improvement . The information obtained from standard test is very useful in deciding a students career interests and prospective goals.The asse ssment report should be able to reverberate a students goals and give a clear indication on which areas need help. Motivation is an affective factor in formal assessment which propels the teacher to be devoted towards helping students to learn (Wiggins 38). The teacher purports encouraged after(prenominal) seen students pass well in the subject or course given over to students by that teacher (Fitzpatrick and Michael 101). Students get to care about their learning and seek to improve on their weaker areas after the results are released.When a teacher is encouraging and appears to be responsive to students feeling, students respond by becoming very constructive and enthusiastic towards achieving high scores (Weeden, Winter and Broadfoot 4). The information obtained from formal assessments may guide the teacher to group the students in a way that they can help each other hence creating a class relationship that supports learning process. thither is a sense of self acceptance crea ted by students admitting heavyies.This forms a healthy atmosphere for learning from peers (Saliu 273). pass judgment in formal assessments provide documented information of what a particular student learnt which is useful in job application and academic advancement admissions (Saliu 273). Despite being crucial widely apply by all leaning institutions, pose has some(prenominal) shortcomings which have been put forward by critics. An lesson of critics includes Wilson and Scalise (2006) held a view that grading does not have a match with the effort students put in answering trial runination questions.The ultimate grading does not allow the feedback by the students since it denies them the opportunity to review their flow after a formal examination. Moreover, students do not get useful comments upon which they can build future progress on their work- those comments are destroyed with their poor strike offs (Weeden, Winter and Broadfoot 6). When feedbacks finally are given by the examiners it is either very shallow for instant a single line comment or so late since students may have moved to another grade.Evaluation of the learners performance has been difficult for instance marking open-ended questions in standard exam papers (Wilson and Scalise 11). Since individual needs of students cannot be met fully by teachers, limited opportunities for the learners growth to realize quality results dominate. To put forward it worse, softness of all pupils to produce good hand written work hence true reflection in scores limit the learners capacity to acquire more knowledge and to develop deeper understanding of the subject involved.These make it difficult for the pupils to be plausibly and effectively answer or tackle examination questions (Weeden, Winter and Broadfoot 8). No effective follow-up can be done by students who might be implicated in enhancing their academic performance (Wilson and Scalise 11). Grading in formal assessment has failed to accuratel y give students strength and weakness to the teacher since it does not give adequate time. Nevertheless, it is not flexible both in terms of depicted object to be tested and level of ability of each student (Weeden, Winter and Broadfoot 12).If we consider a grade of 2 in philosophy of education course awarded, it will only say that a student learned a great deal of the information exclusively it will no show what field of study was or was not mastered (Wilson and Scalise 12) Teachers form the majority of assessors of students learning for formal assessments. Students can also test their work and test that of their peers and provide an immediate feedback for improvement. The test can be administered by other immaterial examiners such as Standard Aptitude Tests (SAT) (Council of Europe 8).Assessment may be administered at each time of student leaning but it has to be regulated if its purpose is to achieve a delineate model standard. The nature of an assessment is determined by the type of cohort of students and upon the need for assessing. The content of what to asses should completely be guided by the desired end results and the application of those results (Weeden, Winter and Broadfoot 5). Pros and cons of deferent forms formal assessment Formal assessment may take different dimensions according to where it is administered and the target group.Tests may be in form of standard set examinations which are mainly average-referenced. Formal assessment may also include examinations designed locally by a cleverness to offer an objective or subjective assessment (Council of Europe 9). Standardized exams are administered to a special group which is entirely structured in a multiple-choice question (objective) or descriptive questions (subjective) in one subject area. The results are compared with a set standard (reference). It is applied to students in a given program, course or a level.The main advantage of standard set examination is that it can be adopted view quickly and its implementation is kinda easy. It cringes the faculty time requirements in tools design, development and grading (Council of Europe 9). Norm-referenced assessment gives objective scores which provides for generalizations of the results with other student in other places or times. It provides a reference group that is required by the faculty or the testing body. Another benefit of standard test is its application by state or national standards inhabit for a given discipline or profession such as accountancy, music among others (Saliu 273).May be beneficial or required in instances where state or national standards exist for the discipline or profession. It can be applied in comparing the levels of knowledge across several institutions (Astin 3). There are several shortcomings that are associated with this form of assessment. One of the major disadvantages of standard tests according to Wilson and Scalise is that, it has a limit of what it can measure in durin g testing time (636). It is a culprit of the elimination of the becoming process of learning by not reflecting what a student has actually learnt in a given program or course.It may not be able to completely value a particular objective of an entire course (Council of Europe 9). Since most standardized tests are done at the end of a course or program, they fail to provide relevant feedback to both the teacher and the student which would other be used to motivate the student learning. The tests can neither determine a students progress on a daily basis nor the achievements in varying periods (Hart 17). They cannot also effectively appraise the knowledge of a specific course content area which keeps on changing such as social sciences.Another demerit of standardized achievement tests arises due to the administration of multiple-choice tests which pose a grater potential error of guessing the correct answer. (Saliu 243). It only provides a summary evaluation of few split of whole c ourse. The outcomes may not have direct deductions for course improvement or that of an individual students advancement. The results are highly liable to misinterpretation by the teacher or other interested parties such as admitting institutions and employers. Since majority of these tests are commercialized someone (student or program) have to pay to obtain them.When pressure is so much pressed on the passing the tests, the teacher may be strained to teach to the test and not the development of the student attainments (Council of Europe 9). A single test is not perfect in providing enough information that ensures a complete assessment. Different tests on a particular subject at deferent times provide almost different information on a student. Locally essential exams can be beneficial since its content and mode is inclined to specific objectives and students features of the course or program (Wiggins 37). It can establish specified criteria for amount performance associated with to curriculum.It can be useful in the development of relevant process of learning of particular group of students. A more place grading system by faculty can provided a speedy feedback mechanism for teaching betterment. The teacher will have a greater control over the analysis and use of the results in ameliorate students leaning processes and course materials (Wiggins 38). However, locally developed tests require a substantial coordination more so end-to-end the phases of design and development (Fitzpatrick and Michael 101). It may not provide a basis for cross-institutional comparisons for students in same level of study.These particular tests are time consuming on side of the teacher since they require a herd of attention and effort in designing and administering. In order to provide validity and reliability in these tests an expert may be required expertise in accurate quantity (Council of Europe 11). It may not provide the element associated with the external comparison i n relation to other institutions offering standardized course or program. Performance appraisals are another form of formal assessments that can be administered to measure competency of acquired skills in a real world situation (Burke 29).They are set standards that seek to evaluate students in a specific class or level (Hart 74). They are credited to providing a relatively direct measure of what has been learned rather than taught in a program or course (Ryan 290). They are mostly preferred to other methods of measuring since they are able to evaluate the application skills learnt in specific settings. They are in tandem with aims of professional training programs and fields which have well specified skill development programs (Ryan 290).Nevertheless, performance appraisals have their share of limitations which include high costs associated with effort and time consumption. Their grading are mostly more subjective than other formal assessments (Fitzpatrick and Michael 118). The sa mple of performance appraised might not as well be the typical of the student since it might have been triggered by the presence of appraiser. An aptitude test forms yet another important form of formal assessment. An aptitude test has the advantage of measuring the level of knowledge that a student already possess before entering a grade level or a program (Fitzpatrick and Michael 118).This provides the teacher with prior information on the likelihood of a students degree of performance and success in the class. It will determine the information which a student already has compared to set norms. This will further illustrate the level of learning for a particular student which comes in handy when designing individualized instructions (Fitzpatrick and Michael 118). The teacher will have no difficulties in giving advanced instruction for those students that are gifted while at the same time giving a remedial assistance to those who need help.Since modern education is taking learner-ce ntered approach, results of aptitude test provide relevant information that can teachers use to group students for effective cognitive learning. The results are applied in determine when a student develops a learning disability (Council of Europe 12). Aptitude tests face some challenges and limitations that are usual to test. They are limited to measuring students capacity to learn new projects and accomplishments. The results do not reflect on the skills or knowledge that students have had no previous training (Fitzpatrick and Michael 118).Since information obtained from an aptitude test gives skills and knowledge students had already acquired in past, it fails to guide the teacher on the application of future instruction. Teacher elaborateness in formal assessment Recommendations for reducing the shortcoming of formal assessments lie heavily on the teacher and the entire institution involvement in setting exam questions and administration of the examinations. The teacher should c hoose a test very carefully that will match with the requirements of a course or a program (Council of Europe 28).The teacher should review information on previous sample of performances to ensure the tests reliability and validity from test publishers. The faculty should engage experts to review the previous summary reports of similar exam results in creating a more updated report for the faculty (Fitzpatrick and Michael 118). The teacher is not supposed to teach to exam otherwise the results would be compromised. The instructor or teacher should be involved in grading systems that focus more emphasis on the feed forward.The institutions should make sure that standardized tests are marked and the papers that can be returned are done in time increase the feedback flow. The grading system should be focused on the offering a true picture of what has been mastered and what has not fully mastered. There should be model answers drawn from others student solutions to provide those who hav e failed with a way of what was expected of them (Saliu 274). A syndicate with other institutions which have similar objectives in testing can be formed to reduce the costs of developing instruments and to provide an element of externality.The exams department should incorporate outside experts to provide relevant enter for development and grading system (Fitzpatrick and Michael 118). In order to reduce the shortcomings associated with performance appraisals training for appraisers should be provided so that they are able to stick to specified criteria (Wiggins 38). It is imperative to alter criteria till acceptable consistency of measurement is reached for testing in multiple situations. Since the result of performance appraisal cannot be used alone to grade a student, Ryan (1994) suggested that results should be cross-validated with other measures of performance (290).Formal assessment includes undertaking fixed, regulated and standardized tests. Grading forms a major part of mea surement for mastery of content. Although grading in standard tests is a norm accepted everywhere, it its shortcomings. There are several reasons for formal assessment and standard testing which include observe students progress, comparing the results with peer it also provides a measure of level of student knowledge. When the assessment is done appropriately, it can be a source of both the student and teacher motivation. It can create trust among the students and teacher.The component of grading has been an issue of hated debate due to its inadequacy to address all areas of students learning. Grades are issued but they cannot be rectified since the doors are closed immediately after results are released. Standard tests, locally developed tests, aptitude tests and performance appraisal are major shapes taken by formal assessment. Although formal assessment provides a standard measure for evaluation of learning among students of a particular cohort or group, it fails to give compreh ensive ability of a student. Works Cited Astin, Alexander W.Assessment for Excellence The Philosophy and Practice of Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education. Portsmouth Greenwood Publishing Group, 1991. Burke, Kay, ed. Authentic Assessment A Collection. Illinois Skylight Training and Publishing, Inc. , 1992. Council of Europe. green European Framework of Reference fo Languages Learning Teaching, Assesment. Cambridge Cambridge University Press. , 2001. Fitzpatrick, Jody L. and Morris Michael. Current and Emerging Ethical Challenges in Evaluation. San Francisco, CA Jossey-Bass, 1999. Hart, Diane. Authentic Assessment A Handbook for Educators.. New York Addison-Wesley, 1994. Ryan, Alan G. Towards Authentic Assessment in Science via STS. air of Science, engine room Society (1994) 290. Saliu, Sokol. Constrained Subjective Assessment of Student Learning. Journal of Science Education and Technology (2005) 271-284. Weeden, Paul, Jan Winter and Patricia Broadfoot. Assessment. New York Routledge, 2002. Wiggins, Grant. The Case for Authentic Assessment. ERIC Digest (1990). Wilson, Mark and Kathleen Scalise. Assessment to Improve Learning in Higher Education The BEAR Assessment System. Higher Education (2006) 635-663.

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Talent Essay Example for Free

Talent Essay1759 Nesrin A lot of people auditory modality to genius shows precise few of them actually got talent. Manyattend just so they hatful be on television, even though they get humiliated in front ofthe whole nation. The settle be rude and the audience is yelling depreciating words.People home in the living rooms atomic number 18 also criticizing participants. It is silly what peoplewill do for 5 minutes of fame. And it is incredible that they actually do it. There areactually round of them who believe that they are good singers, dancers etc. , becausenobody have had the guts to tell them that they truly suck at it. I feel very sorry forthem and I think it is the parents job to tell them, that they should not audition to theshow. It is very irresponsible to let your kids get humiliated in that way.I must not forget that there also are people who audition who are outstanding.Some of them have a really peculiar(prenominal) gift and then the talent shows are good to get peopleconscious about the talent.I think the talent shows are held too often (especially in Denmark), in the states thereare loads of different shows The X-Factor, American flawlessness, Americas Got Talent etc. Ido not think that talent shows in Denmark should be hold every year, because we aresuch a small a commonwealth and it is limited how many talents we have got. That is not aproblem in the states, because they are so many people.I think the talent shows have become more and more an entertaining show than ashow with focus on the talents. So when it is held so often over half of the people whotry out have no talent at all. It is very obvious that all the TV-stations care about is themoney and how many viewers they can get.In the United States and the United land the participants get a lot of publicity,and a lot admire them. People get success, and they keep beingness successful after manyyears. Some examples are Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert and One Direction.KellyCla rkson won American Idol in 2002 and is still producing popular music. In Denmarkthe winners are forgotten after a few weeks. That is a shame because they are reallycompetent at performing or singing or what ever their talent is.In Denmark a new kind of talent show has started. The new thing is that when theperson who tries out is performing, the judges cannot sop up him. If they pauperization the 1759 Nesrin participant on their team, they press a button. Then, their chairs turn around so theycan see each other. I think that is a very good idea because the first impression formsthe nucleotide of how you regard the person. In this show the first impression is theirvoice. It is aexcellent way to make indisputable they do not say no to you, just because youare fat, ugly, from an other race or what ever causal agency they could invent.

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Ecommerce Initiative Essay Example for Free

E occupation Initiative EssayThis paper focuses on pointing bulge out the way planning electronic commerce initiatives. In order to support the ideas that ar going to be shown, four online articles will be cited. The articles atomic number 18 Ethics in advertising by Dr. Gomathi Viswanathan, Advertising mandate How to avoid inciting the FTCs wrath by Jay N. Sawyer, and New Online Marketing Regulation The dos and donts by Alan J. Grainger. E-commerce initiatives Planning electronic commerce initiatives There are steps that unrivalled should follow when planning for the e- logical argument initiatives when ace is using markets, processes, serve and products that already exist. The first step is to come up with the e-business initiative objectives which are the accomplishments that the business intends to comely. The decisions about the objectives that the business should consider includes the risks that may arise when the initiative is being carried out and the expected c ost and benefits of ingesting out the initiative. The objective should also consider the way resources are to be allocated when asking out the initiative (Schneider, 2011). iodine should also analyze the scope that the initiative functions and this involves the use of online specialists that would help in the implementation of the electronic commerce initiative. This should involve the use of the data analytics and also the visual designers, people who will be involved in the interaction design and information design. One should also involve the use of specialists in marketing short letter who would help in ensuring that the initiative is well promoted through the scoop out marketing channel.The system should invest in the all important(predicate) functions that would help in promoting the online business (Mckenzie, n. d). The team tending out the initiative should have good discourse channels that would help the organization to meet their objectives and to promote change in the organization. The team should have sloshed leaders that would help push for the implementation of the initiative and those that will check over teamwork so as to meet the set deadline.The leaders should be able to report problems that arise during the planning period so as to prevent faults that would affect the online business (Mckenzie, n. d). The business processes, planning and implementation should be integrated and they should all be carried out online. It is also important to come up with a plan that would help the team members achieve their tasks depending on the set plan. The organization should also ensure that they are able to retain the employees because there is a great demand for the people with talents in digital retail.This is because most of the consumers favor shopping online and therefore, most businesses prefer using electronic business. Most of the companies have come up with electronic commerce initiatives and therefore when one is planning for this in itiative, it is important to hire qualified personnel that will help provide ideas for competitive benefit (Mckenzie, n. d). When carrying out the plan, the team should include the performance review, deployment, testing of the initiative, implementation and feasibility analysis.The company should also run the initiative a priority and there should also be the analysis of how sustainable the initiative should be regarding the benefits it will provide. The managers should use the needs of the customers so as to ensure that their needs are met when planning is fetching place and also it would help the company to identify the type of market segment to focus on the plan should be one that ensures that products that are offered are delivered on time and that there should be the best way to respond to the consumer queries (Muylle Basu, 2007).The people using e-commerce can also form joint ventures if they plan to carry out business online. People believe that these associations help i n reducing costs of marketing and ensure that integrity and trust exists when carrying out business. People tend to rely on external and internal resources in maintaining and developing resources that are web-based. Associations that are more mature involve strategic partners and the core staff. Joint ventures are important in e-commerce because they encourage financial investment and competencies such as marketing, management and technology.It is therefore important for the organization to analyze the competitors before forming the associations (Lang, 2000). The organization should also identify and measure the benefits of initiating electronic commerce and that the managers should carry out the measurements by setting objectives that can be measured and the ones that that can increase the satisfaction of customers. In case the objective of the company is to build their brand, then the goals should be measured in terms of credit polls and surveys from research that has been carrie d out.The aim of this is to increase the companys brand awareness. The company should come up with a team to carry out market research so as to find out the effects of a sales program and a marketing program. This team would help the organization to evaluate and to set goals for the initiatives of electronic commerce (Schneider, 2011). The company should also link the strategies with the objectives such as upstream and downstream strategies that would help the organization to focus on generating value and reducing costs and to improve value offered to customers.The initiatives inspire businessmen to carry out activities such as building web portals and virtual communities and also to manage the supply chain. The businesses are also inspired to purchase services and products, understand the needs of the consumers, and advertise their products and also to sell their services and products. These initiatives also help in improving the marketing programs that already exist and create br and awareness for the organization (Schneider, 2011).

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The Lord of the Flies is just a simple, happy ending Essay Example for Free

The Lord of the Flies is practiced a simple, riant culture EssayAdventure story. It is about children, for children and told from their perspective To what extent do you agree with this?Do you prize being a savage killing, hunting and fighting represents a simple adventure story? The offshoot two chapters of this novel whitethorn show innocent and young sons on an island where no fear is held, and peradventure that is what it is referring to the original sin. Which is a story from the Bible video dis hoyden that every integrity is born with evil inside them and it seems that the island has brought this out of the boys. You may be thinking, what about Piggy and Simon?The amount of conflict between the boys increased throughout the concord. It started between tar and Piggy, cakehole through insults at him such as Shut up yah fatty and Piggy tell things directed towards knucklebones in the form of an insult too, You and your blood Jack Merridew and then Piggy yet refer s to Jack as him when Jack leaves Ralphs leadership. Adventure books arent supposed to have arguing, each the boys are supposed to gravel alongDuring chapter four, Golding shows that its not only Piggy that Jack hates, but Ralph too, splashing and laughing are just about enough to bring them back together again. At the start of the book it seems a dexterous adventure as all the boys do get along and listen to Ralphs rules but things start to lurch as Jack realises theres no point in listening to Ralph as he wanted to be leader all along.As Ralph is leader and made rules for the new(prenominal) boys, calling an assembly, this shows the maturity in the book and his adult characteristics. He seemed to handle things well but then knew he could not think as well as Piggy. Jack shows the immaturity on the island as he treats everything as a game. When the boys had been showing a role-play of their hunt and Robert was the pig, Jack had become quite aggressive hurting Roger, but after wards all he said was, That was a good game. And when he left the others he said, I dont want to play with Ralphs lot anymore.When Jack first entered the island he was a fair skinned boy who attended the consort and was thought of as a leader, so he didnt take it well when Ralph was chosen as leader instead of him. So to make things even he was made leader of the hunters. At first Jack grimaced distastefully at the touch of blood. This then changed and he had a sharpened stick at one endtattered shorts held up by a knife belt. Does this show an innocent choirboy from an adventure story?Simon was Goldings focal point of expressing nature in the novel and when the boys killed Simon, they did not as they thought kill the beast but they permit the beast out and killed hope and peace. Piggy and Simon were the means of civilisation. Piggy was the only one besides Ralph who stood up to Jack and he was the one who always remembered rescue, hope, signal fire and innocence. When the savages took international Piggys glasses they also took away civilisation and soon after that they took away his life.Adventure stories always end with a happy ending so how could Lord of the Flies be an adventure story? Unless Ralph is being hunted down is happy. I suppose in away it is happy because Ralph received what he had wanted from the moment they set metrical unit on the island rescue. The ending was ironic as all the way through Ralph had wanted his fire and depended on signal and Jack had been the same about hunting. They both got what they wanted as they were rescued by Jack hunting down Ralph with a fire.Putting all my points together I have come to the determination that The Lord of the Flies novel is surely an adventure but not the simple, innocent little boy type as it involves hunting, death, fighting and conflict. It shows the break up of society, lack of civilisation, evil and sin. But on the other hand it shows sunlight, mutant, games, nature, happiness and laughte r. Although the simple adventure part of this novel would show little boys stuck on an island having fun and trying to be rescued and would not add in the death and arguments.

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How Hiphop Has Changed the Youth in Society Essay Example for Free

How Hiphop Has Changed the Y poph in Society riseThroughout the past 30 social classs, there has been much speculation roughly how negative rap music euphony truly is, and how it actually affects the early days. The whang music of recent years has been the foundation of many controversial issues and has been illustrated negatively by the media countless times. Issues such as gun and knife crime which has escalated heavily within jr. age groups in the last 15 years, especially in the USA and UK and similarly drug ab pulmonary tuberculosis, the use of marijuana being utilise openly within the younger generations. blame has been accused of influencing the youth to change state more misogynistic towards women by constantly having explicit glut, such as racist and male chauvinist lyrics in their music. Hip-hip has evermore been stereotypically associated with violence and black crime. Due to this, older generations have al styles had an antagonistic outlook on the inhe rent blame genre of music. Although hip-hip music is considered negative in the eyes of many people, there is to consider unlike questions to have a better understanding and point of view on the controversial issue.Today we speak, position and drive what the stars do. Where we shop and eat even the types of homes we buy is dictated by what we hear the celebrities are doing. That is a powerful bias over an individual adult but only imagine what type of knead this has over an impressionable pre-teen. Due to the fact that hip-hop/rap music appeals to the thirteen to eighteen year old audiences and the artists performing come from very similar backgrounds of the listeners, rap music is able to control the way that youth think.Teens and pre-teens are using their part-time job pay check to buy grills (a form of jewellery worn in the mouth) and new(prenominal) types of jewellery and even weapons such as knives and guns are seen as figurative fashion accessories for the youth, as thes e things are incorporated into the lyrics of hip-hop and rap music. What is hip-hop music? In come out to understand the hip-hop phenomena oneness must first create a foundation of knowledge with learning its history. Hip-hop began from a mixture of spoken word poetry, jazz drumming, and jazz instrumentations.Hip-hop is one of the just about popular genres of music out today and has been steadily ripening in popularity since its rise in fame from the late 1970s. With the rise of MTV in the early 1980s, early hip-hop music was constantly being shown with TV shows such as Yo MTV raps and since then has been known to be one of musics most roaring art forms and has remained popular to this day. With over forty years of being around, hip-hop has grown and matured and most importantly expanded from its origin of the south Bronx in New York, to worldwide.The genre and sub culture originated in the early 1970s when a Jamaican immigrant by the anticipate of Clive Campbell aka DJ Kool Herc, first hit the background in the Bronx. Campbell started DJ-ing his own parties, playing soul, funk as well as RB records on his lazy Susan set. Herc in addition brought his know how of the safe system and the popular dancehall/block party scene. Graffiti art had too begun to take shape in the subways of Philadelphia in the mid 1960s. A black teenager by the name of Cornbread began tagging the subways in hopes of attracting a girl he had found feelings for from this form of youth expression came Graffiti.Fab 5 Freddy, one of the original DJs of Hip-hop, began an art from known as scratching and popularized DJing. Hip-hop consists of four elements, B-boying or also known as break dancing. Djing, Emceeing, and street art or more commonly known as graffiti. Djing, also known as the first element of hip-hop began when disc jockeys created binds on two turntables. The way DJs created their beats was simple yet revolutionary in an essence. The DJs would first find a portion of a breed that emphasized a percussive pattern, and then looped a portion of the song to form a rhythmic pattern.This procedure is now more commonly known as sampling. With the beat or instrumental now developed, the DJ decided the music needed some accompaniment to the music such as singing or poetry. This procedure is known as rapping or Emceeing. From hip-hop spawned the sub-genre solicit in the early 1980s. More and more artists became interested in the new form of music out of New York. In 1981, Rap gained a lot of exposure through popular shows such as 20/20 and Saturday night live. The 1990s saw even more change in the hip-hop industry.Early in the decade, artists fought for permission to sell their albums since most authorities deemed them obscene due to the explicit content within the music. A lot which expressed sexual references towards women and talked about the use of drugs. Hip-hop music also spoke strongly about politics and poverty, artists such as Tupac and Public En emy spoke about such issues. In the 1990s the tension that had been gathering between the west bound Gangsta and the East coast artists has exploded and resulted in the shooting deaths of Christopher Wallace and Tupac Shakur.In the present day Hip-Hop is one of the largest and fastest growing sources of capital and has a great influence on its fans. The roles that Hip-Hop and Hip-Hop artist play in America require responsibility, however, many of the performers and labels take none. By using television and other various sorts of optical media Hip-Hop portrays less than positive stereotypes and all but influences the youth to accept these stereotypes as normal behaviour. The deadly effect that popular Hip-Hop has doesnt stop at the visual level. Lyrical content in songs have been dumbed down and filled with violence, sex, and drugs.For poser the song Hate Being Sober by primary(prenominal) Keef condones the use of drugs at all times and gives the impression that it is ok and cool . While many Hip-Hop songs direct messages about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, few provide an accurate portrayal of the negative consequences of substance exclaim Negative accusations and harsh criticism has always been an issue for the hip-hop genre of music. Some of these accusations include how hip-hop influences the youth to become more misogynistic towards women by constantly having explicit content, such as racist and sexist lyrics in their music.Because of this, Hip-hop music has been criticized greatly by the media accusing the music of affecting the youth that sexism and other such forms of oppression are acceptable to society. Although the media has a major impact on how Hip-hop is viewed by the masses, their is some people who view Hip-hop differently. Famous civil rights leader Al Sharpton was asked on what he believed on this particular issue and said, The hip-hop culture is just like electricity, it can be used negatively or positively. The same electric current that lights up your house can also electrocute you.It is the misuse of hip-hop culture to attack our women and promote violence. We must encourage the proper use of hip-hop culture. We are all influenced by the hip-hop generation. (Is hip-hop culture, 2000) On a discipline done to xxv people in the 17- 60 yrs of age range, twenty people know someone that is exposed to the Hip-hop culture and twenty-one of them believed that Hip-hop isnt a negative art form. In Figures 1, 2, and 3 show the results from the survey done. On Figure 2, it shows that most of the people surveyed do believe that Hip-hop music has the most influence on the youth.Rap music generally depicts the lives and souls of many under privileged youths, citing depression and violence during upbringings. The youth of todays society and in the past, take this music as a way of expression, a way of overruling everything they believe is corrupt and in their own way become corrupt themselves by non caring about the rule s. Rap music can be transparently seen as a big negative influence on todays youth just by listening to definite songs which praise violence and the use of drugs.Take boob Wiz Khalifa for instance. This artist is a prime example of being a huge negative influence to todays society by the big amount of marijuana use, portrayed within his lyrics. The artist mentions marijuana in his songs and speaks about it in a positive way, speaking about the stimulating effects it has on him and almost making the drug sound cool to the younger generation, making them think that smoking this drug is cool and acceptable as rapper Wiz Khalifa openly smokes it and mentions it.The number of drug references in rap music has raised six congregation since the genre revolutionised pop music. Researchers who analysed the lyrics of hundreds of songs say rap has been transformed from one which warned against the dangers of drug abuse to one that routinely glorifies it. And because many of the references are coded, many parents are unaware what their children are listening to.