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October Sky Movie Essay

October Skyis a word picture ab bring out how a hillbillyaccomplished his dream of building garden rises and got out from the falling mining hometown namedCoalwood. kor Hickam, the main(prenominal) character of the movie, would never succeed in his rocket dream without the extraordinary fervor and encouragement from dismissRiley. An outstanding pedagog will focus on teach students andextendingtheirlimits instead of instructing strict rules and following unmitigatedformats. The teacher in the movie, escape Riley, confesss the authorisation in every student, non all the hotshots with visible ability. She would usephilosophicalstories and her amaze and observation to help her students to orient their dreams. altogetherthe arbitrary impacts on the students camefrom the unique constitution of the instructor. There is a remarkable intercoursethat touches my heart and wins my approval in themovie October Sky. When mark and his partners were going to launch their rocket , nigh of the town residents had found their blockhouse and had been waiting fortheirlaunch. fell Riley said to homer, You do not exhaust to prove anything to anybody. omit Riley said that to the boys to subscribe them feel more relaxed and try to still them fromnervousness. Even bell ringers father, bathroom Hickam,didntbelieve his son could be successful inbuildingrocket. Miss Riley gave tide all over to the rocket boys and helped them to approach their determination as much she could, such as ordering a nurse for home run. In the beginning, Principal Turner reprimand Miss Riley for giving her students false hopes and wasting their cartridge holder and confiscated homing pigeons rocket and the book around rockets. It was Miss Riley helped to get Homers things back and directed him to absorb his goal even though thither would be obstacles along the way and he should not fear. Homers father, thaumaturgy Hickam, and IkeBykovskybothhad influence on Homers coming of a ge. Theeffects from them were in spades not the elements that motivated Homer to get his ambition, but they taught Homer his responsibility to the family.Ike instead stayed at miningfor higher remunerationthango back to work in car shop. For the reason that his family was in poverty, his resource headed him todeath. In an other(a) accident, arse was badly wounded, Homer picked up the responsibility to take for family as his father had done. legerdemain was one of the majorobstacles for Homer toaccomplishhis rocketdream. His father wanted to make Homer to be an exceptional miner inCoalwood then take his place in the Company, so he threw Homers rocket equipment out and sneered atHomer. John had constructed his plan for Homers succeeding(a)nevertheless, Homer hated to be aminer. Johns unsupportive actions towards Homers rocket dream were abruptlynegativeto Homer. But John gave Homer apositivelecture about how to treat comrades when John savedODellfrom hisdrunkenstepfathe routside the legal philosophy station.Homer shaped his outlook and grew up to be a man from IkeBykovskyand JohnHickams valuable lectures. Inthis glaring world, educators do notnecessary remove to be human being. Anything that inspires us foot be our role model. The similarity surrounded by a physical object or an event and an instructor is that they both preempt give students positive impacts through affirmatory representations. There is another movie that enlivenme named,Life ofPi. It is a sad stage about how an Indian teenager survived from a marine peril with a tiger.When Pi was a child, he converted himself to several(prenominal) religions, and his father told him that having several different faiths in the meanwhile is equal to not believein anything atall. His mother explained a different idea to him which is, science takes overour outsideworld and it never gets inside(a)our heart,onlyfaith does.This shortconversationin the movie has its own enthralit reveals some trut h to me, and affects me on growthmystandard of treating the world. Pis date of sailing the sea taught methatno proposition how slight the chanceis we should never drophope. Even though the movie did not convey these ideas directly to us, it gave usthe guidance to imagine. As the interpretation above,great educators perpetually use stories and their experiences to enlightenstudents.Thatis where usually the positive sources come from. In October Sky, Quentin, oneof the rocket boys, could also beseen asa great teacher toHomer.It was him who introduced Homer the introductoryideasaboutrocket Homer would credibly never recognize his hidden strength without Quentin. Before making friends with Homer and the other two Rocket boys, Quentin was the biggest geek in their school. He continued school without having a social lifeandfriends.Quentin came from a suffering family in the poorCoalwood neighborhood he hadnothingbut a cunningbrain. Rocket Dream joined Quentin and Homer together, an d they were attracted by each others qualities as well.Homer desired Quentinsknowledge, and Quentinwanted Homers valor and compassionwhich encouraged him to pursue hisdream. They were not only a good friend to each other, but alsoa good teacher to each other. Educators giving great positive impact and support to their students donot require obtaining a high diploma, but the ability to recognize the students potential and fall their possibility for greatness. Great educators come with a unique personality. The most primary dividing line of educators is not to make theirstudents to be just erudite, but to offer them confidence and intellectual to pursuetheirdreams,justlike what Miss Riley have done for the rocket boys.

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Character Analysis of Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider Franchise Essay

This attention to flesh out would seem to support the representation of Lara Croft as a cyber bimbo as there is a strong emphasis on her organism a sex symbol. This attend point is supported by the normal media, despite the creator of Lara Croft (Toby Gards) intentions for her to be lubricious only because of her power. This go off be seen through Robert Ashley of Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine definition of Lara Croft as the get-go video punt character openly thought of as sexy plus more thanover Publications desire Play, GameTrailers, and PlayStation Magazine listed big breasts as 1 of the characters most celebrated attributes. Her sex appeal is so heavy(p) that male players perform in-game sues to make Lara Croft repeatedly say phrases and view closer tv camera angles of her bust, while pornography featuring the character has been distributed via the internet.This wake is not helped by the clothing she wears end-to-end the games. An opossitional sexist view ari ses from the fact that she is so far sexualised through her attire when partaking in the action of the game. Throught the various Lara Croft games her outfits change correspondlingly to the missions, all discovery emphasis on the thighs and legs, becoming more and more revealing. Outfits such as the book binding gown Bikini and Evening garb in particular help repair homage to her unobtainable attriubtes which make her such an errotic charcter. This differs greatley from the new(prenominal) male gaming protagonists more often than not in the media such as slime Payne or Hitman. Where we see it the norm for lara to butt on around shooting people in almost her underwear it would be a very different story if crap-shooter turned up to his mission wearying only boxers instead of his notorious suit.My personal o spillnion on Lara varies in the consideration in which she is portrayed. I believe elements of the idea of Lara Croft bring to mind the implications of Sex hence fit ting one of the views as her existence a Cyber Bimbo. However it is true that alot of her attributes and actions can also show her in a more positive light as a Feminist Icon. Lara is a tough, independent woman, and an adventurer, who confidenly flinch from fighting men. Her hobbies lie of free climbing and shooting, which are whimsical and emancipated for a woman and she thence breaks away from traditional gender roles. more can say she more closeley fits a stereotypically male role, which may be referable to the orignal character concept being a male.Her success may be a result of her body being so excessively exaggerated thus providing an showcase of how women are being reduced to recounting creatures who can only be defined by their relation to men. However it would be an unfair argument to simply pin her success on her enourmous boobs and ignore the other defining features of this likeable character.Lara Croft as a game in many shipway can be as a respectable product. being one of the first female protagonists she helped expand the market to a wider audience, inviting more female gamers. The majority of the Cyber bimbo critizism genuine from the merchandise which appeared as part of the grave accent Raider franchise, such as magazine publisher publications sporting lara in a sexually provacitive way, which was critized by the games designers and the commericials she features in, not the game itself.

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'Illegal Drug Control\r'

'Those questions are intercommunicate in this report which reviews medicate ppolicy and results in Australia. In 1998, joined Nations Member States met in a Special Session of the planetary Assembly and agreed to take tougher feat to reduce both the illicit fork out of, and the consume for, doses before 2008. Australia has taken that pledge seriously. In 1998 it introduced a â€Å"Tough on doses dodging” that aims to reduce dose bestow, trafficking, and demand as well as the ill-treat caused by drugs. This Strategy seems to be works: drug use levels have dropped significantly. Indeed, the drama around has been dramatic.To improve global efforts to call for the threat posed by drugs, the United Nations Office on Drugs and disgust (UNODC) seeks to growth the body of knowledge on tap(predicate) to ppolicy makers. That includes appeal success stories. If Australia continues to build on its juvenile progress, it too could become a success story and provide ins piration and worthful lessons for other countries. This report, following a ssimilar UNODC pick up of Sweden’s drug ppolicy (2006), aims to contribute to a growing body of evidence that willing help countries bring their drug problems infra figure.Antonio Maria Costa Executive conductor United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime 3 In response to increases in drug corrupt in the 1990’s Australia implemented a vigilant drug check off scheme. As this report makes clear, drug visualize has long been a anteriority of upstart Governments and effective changes in recent years were due to pro-active, empirically- fanny drug control strategy, and a well developed remains of services at the state and local levels. This report analyses the developments and changes in Australia’s drug policies over the last decades and their impact.Australia implemented a rather repressive drug control ppolicy from the beginning of the 20th century. This worked well until the 197 0s. Australia shifted to misuse- diminution approaches as of the mid 1980s, with a sthrong emphasis on prevention and word. This helped Australia to avoid a big injecting drug use (IDU) re late(a)d human immunodeficiency virus/AIDS epidemic. In contrast to alcoholic beverage and tobacco where Australia achieved remarkable demand reduction through prevention activities, drug abuse continued rising and reached alarming levels by 1998.In 1998 Australia introduced a National Illicit Drugs Strategy â€Å"Tough on Drugs” which strengthened the supply control aspects without weakening demand-side interventions or large up harm-reduction approaches. In the case of diacetylmorphine, the strategy focused clearly on a reduction of supply. There followed higher heroin prices, lower heroin purity and last substantially lower levels of heroin consumption. Drug related deaths declined, as well as drug related crime.WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING PROVIDES THE CLEAREST character OF A DRUG ADDIC TION? exercise at this question at occasion of other drugs also declined, both among the public population and among secondary school sstudents- generally due to improved prevention and treatment activities and more funds made available by the authorities to drug control in general. The Australian National Council on Drugs (ANCD) incorporated many of the leading drug experts of the country and strengthened calls for higher budgets in the fight against the drug problem. Australias drug ppolicy has been based on a broad ppolicy desegregate of supply reduction, demand reduction and harm minimisation policies. In addition, Australia has made admirably efforts at advancing the knowledge base for policy making. The country has consistently conducted in-depth inquiry and evaluations of its various strategies and programmes †subsequently adjusting them according to efficacy. This slow-wittedness on empirically-based ppolicy expression co ntinues to demonstrate peremptory results. The drug ppolicy was largely bi-partisan in reputation as the States as well as the federal Government participated in its formulation and implementation (Until recently, the individual States were governed by assorted political parties than federal Australia). A bleak Australian Government, elected in late 2007, is yet to leave its mark on domestic drug strategies.\r\n'

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'Bsh White Goods Industry\r'

'ISTANBUL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE OF affectionate SCIENCE [pic] MARKETING MANAGEMENT Elif Karaosmanoglu grant 1 SEGMENTATION AND POSITIONING exsanguine GOODS INDUSTRY Submitted by: OSMAN OZEN 401111024 Table of content 1 vacuous Goods intentness3 2Brands in White Goods Industry3 3 tradeing Objectives3 4The Brands of BSH3 5 naval division & Targeting & Positioning3 5. 1Segmentation3 5. 2Target grocery3 5. 3Positioning3 5. 3. 1BOSCH3 5. 3. 2 southward3 5. 3. 3GAGGENAU3 5. 3. 4PROFILO3 6References3 White Goods Industry The home thingmabobs vault of heaven showed a punishing recovery in 2010.\r\nDriven by increasing consumer confidence and the recovery of legitimate estate construction, the grocery store for big(p) domesticated appliances grew by 8% bringing the market to a total of 5. 4 zillion appliances. All major appliance categories with the censure of the solo cookers showed a significant growth. icebox gross revenue gaind by 11%, dishwashers sales grew by 7% and race machine sales increased by 8%. Oven sales was the only kin which declined by 4%. Driers, which is a in the bufffangled growth bea, increased by 19%. Large home appliances, produced in joker, managed to increase by 12% year-on-year reaching 18. jillion units. Roughly 75%, 13. 7 trillion units, were exported, which reflects an increase of 9% year-on year. With this volume dud became the biggest purity goods appliances producing country in europium. [1] Brands in White Goods Industry The leader of white goods manufacturing in Turkey is Arcelik and its chief(prenominal) competitor is BSH (Bosch and due south business firm Appliances). BSH is the wink participation in Turkey’s white goods industry. The others be followers. Bosch and atomic number 16 Home Appliances pigeonholing is the worlds third largest producer of large domestic home appliances.\r\nThe group owns 14 fire signs and operates 43 factories worldwide, with its largest intersec tionion facility organism in Cerkezkoy, Turkey. The group posted yearbook sales of 10. 8 billion Euros in 2010, establishing itself as the steer home appliances phoner in europium. In Turkey, BSH is one of the leading companies in the Home Appliances industry, with its primary(prenominal) firebrands Bosch and Siemens, its supererogatory brand Gaggenau and local brand Profilo. BSH is the siemens largest company in its industry with 25% market shargon. Due to its rapid sales and investment growth, BSH is ranked the 7th largest overseas company in Turkey.\r\nIt operates 4 factories producing refrigerators, cookers, washers and dishwashers with a production capacity of to a greater extent than 3. 5 million units. More than half of its annual production is exported to countries around the world, mainly in Europe, North America, and Australia. • 7th largest foreign company • 2nd largest producer of white goods, with 25% market sh ar • 23rd largest industrial co mpany • Offers the best After gross revenue Service in the Home Appliances field • Leader in the â€Å" make-in” appliances menage • Biggest production location within the BSH Group • Offers Europes top selling indemnity brands\r\nI exit investigate BSH’s iv brands in this assignment. I will hit the books STP of BSH’s brands. Marketing Objectives BSH go out to be â€Å"the starting line choice” of their customers, dealers, suppliers and employeesâ€that is the alkali of their strategy. They employ this philosophy to improve the lives of their customers, by creating new product take accounts, sustaining uncompromised. The white goods industry in Turkey has been facing nigh tough times in the erst part(prenominal) few years. The housing amazements in Turkey had been progressing quite reliably, however beca part of the world(a) fiscal crisis the growth in construction sector stopped.\r\nIn addition, energy and weewee s avings ar becoming major factors for consumers in deciding which appliance to buy. With bread and butterspanstyle changes and the charge homes are being figure of speeched, they are convert that the built-in appliances will receive a good deal more attention in the abutting years. Although it is expected that housing demand will decrease, as the second objective in the years ahead, they will continue to develop products that bring elegance, comfort and ease of use, while contributing towards the conservation of resources and protecting their environment.\r\nTheir main objective is to look forward to ontogeny stronger, moving towards achieving their vision to be â€Å"the first choice” together with their customers, dealers, suppliers and employees. The Brands of BSH For BSH, one of the head priming coat factors for success is the presence of strong brands that are clearly focused on their calculate groups and presenting a coherently structured product portfolio. 1 BOSCH For them, their brands form the most authorized ingredient to win in the global arena.\r\nThey represent a pivotal emblem of trust and sense of purpose for the consumer. every over 100 years later, Bosch continues to stand by its founder’s words. The Bosch name has forever meant a guarantee of both look and reliability. Bosch remains committed to uncompromising functioning and heavy(p) pattern to be built into every single appliance they produce. either time Bosch envisions a new product, its ideas are based on sound ecological principles, ensuring they make the most economic use of natural resources and minimize the pollution of air, land and water.\r\nThey are constantly developing new ways to reduce energy and water usage while maintaining product functioning and efficiency, helping to conserve their planet and ransom you money by lowering costs. Bosch stands for premium reference, perfect engineering and exalted unyieldingevity. The â€Å" effec t of a higher quality of life and enduring value through near technological advancements” stands at the core of the brand philosophy. 2 SIEMENS Sold in more than 55 countries around the globe, Siemens stands for innovative thinking, precision engineering and subtile style to millions of nation worldwide.\r\nSiemens meets consumer take with a wide mountain chain of products from slipstream machines to vacuum cleaners and from consumer products to television. Siemens is the â€Å" payoff one” appliance brand in Germany, and the leading built-in appliance brand in Turkey. For many years, consumers, dealers and architects have apprehended the technological hypernymity and stylish contrive of Siemens appliances. Siemens, the great name in technology, stands for intelligent innovations and consistent orientation toward the future, and a redbrick approach to the technical features and design of home appliances.\r\nSiemens has a windy approach and use of cutting-edge technologies aimed at improved functionality, gives rise to pioneering products and solutions that allow drug exploiter to perceive and experience progress in a fascinating manner. Home appliances from Siemens are characterized by clear, functional design and optimum precision. Siemens products set standards in the marketplace. They are the result of progressive ideas, a consistent system, a performance-based approach and god for production. 3 GAGGENAU Gaggenau is the brand of professed(prenominal) cooking technology for the modern home.\r\nIt specializes in superior built-in kitchen appliances. Gaggenau’s appliances incorporate a specialists bopledge, skill, and decades of experience. After all, the first built-in appliance forged and sold in Europe was a Gaggenau. Every Gaggenau appliance is absolutely made, easy to handle and extremely reliable. separately and every one is especially beautiful, and the brand regularly receives the design awards to prove this. Ye t, dish aerial isnt the only benefit of Gaggenau. Customers love Gaggenaus versatility and professional functions as well.\r\nGaggenau became an internationally known luxuriousness brand after homo struggle II. In 1951, Georg von Blanquet, a passionate recreational cook, took the reins of the company and developed the Gaggenau kitchen technology, resulting in the manufacture of top-quality built-in appliances. Gaggenau stands for innovative engineering, long lasting materials, clear form, good handling, sustainable workmanship, and sets recognizable standards in the fields of food, life style and culture. 4 PROFILO Profilo has blended the international know how and experience with the local lifestyle preferences in Turkey.\r\nProfilo is one of the oldest leading traditional brands in Turkey. The brand is highly preferred by customers who place durability and quality to a higher place all else. Profilo branded appliances are knowing according to the unique necessitate and hab its of Turkish consumers. The brands success in meeting expectations comes from its thrifty examination of local market needs and sensitivities. This thorough consideration of the consumer has ensured the brands longevity. It is known as a provider of long-lasting, durable and user-friendly home appliances, with a wide range of products and functionalities. 1] Segmentation & Targeting & Positioning 1 Segmentation BSH pursues demographic partition ( economic), psychographic segmentation (lifestyle), and behavioural segmentation ( benefit sought ). 2 Target Market According to the segmentation of the market the target groups of BSH are as the following: Siemens: Young and energetic, modern people who are want for high quality and performance, from middle and swiftness socio economic classes. Gaggenau: Sophisticated and modern people from upper socio economic class who are seeking for premium and excellent products.\r\nBosch: hoi polloi who are seeking for uncompromising performance and great design, from middle and upper socio economic classes. Profilo: People prefer to have the best value for the money, from lower and middle socio economic classes. 3 Positioning The values and specialties that BSH wants to place with its brands in consumers’ minds are as follows: 1 BOSCH woodland: Bosch products fulfill the highest demands in performance and strait maximum operating convenience. The premium quality is tangible in the superiority of the materials and panoptical in the product finishing.\r\nTechnical expertise: Bosch offers fully rounded solutions oriented towards people’s needs and maximum user benefits that create greater quality of life. step of life: Bosch products make daily family life and chores easier and more enjoyable. They free up more time for the finer things in life, creating the remainder for harmonious togetherness. Responsibility: Bosch acts on the derriere of clear principles. Responsibility for people, society and the environment are important guiding principles for Bosch and hence these are the driving forces behind the never-ending outgrowth of products and services. It has always been an unbearable thought process to me that someone could inspect one of my products and pay off it inferior in some way. For that fountain I have consistently essay to produce products which can withstand the proximate scrutiny †products which prove to be superior in every respect. ” Robert Bosch [2] 2 SIEMENS Fascination: Siemens constantly takes up technological challenges and is fascinated with developing futuristic products, solutions and services. Expressiveness: Siemens develops products for the modern and dynamic society.\r\nIt stands for succinct and pure design. The brand offers styling that is sure of itself, punctuate the individual expression of confident personalities. doing: Siemens products set the standards in the marketplace. They are the result of progressive ideas, intensive development and perfect execution. 3 GAGGENAU Professionalism: Gaggenau appliances are very much particularly large and proud. They are intentional for performance with generous capacities. Leadership: Gaggenau is dependable to tradition, combining simplicity with utmost quality and reliability.\r\nGaggenau solutions go beyond narrow, constraining standards, impressive in their dimensions and convincing in their brass simplicity. Passion: Gaggenau makes good sense, knowing the uses and limitations of technology, decrease systems to essentials with composed mastery. It shares the dream of the perfect kitchen, in preparation and culinary delights. Excellence in Design: The professional kitchen provides lots of space. Its design is elegantly restrained and all in all functional. Gaggenaus true design is outstanding, crystal clear, and beautiful; completely self evident and truly expressive. PROFILO specialty: Profilo products are durable against all odds. handiness: It is a brand that is accessible to all Turkish consumers financially, physically and emotionally. The balance amongst quality and terms of payment is reflected visibly. Empathy: Profilo produces user friendly products responding to the basic needs of women, who are the primary user of their appliances. [1] REFERENCES [1]  2010 Annual wrap up  (2010). http://www. bsh-group. com. tr/page. aspx? id=22 [2] Bosch Communication Center http://www. boschcommunicationcenter. com 3] BSH Ev Aletleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A. S http://wrightreports. ecnext. com/coms2/reportdesc_PRICE_C79628190 ———————†2. 6 Arcelik Haier Samsung Fagor-Brandt 1. 7 White Goods Companies (2007 †billion euro) World 2. 3 Miele 2. 3 3. 1 3. 8 Indesit 3. 8 Maytag 4. 8 General Electric 7. 1 LG 7. 3 BSH 10. 1 Electrolux 11. 5 Whirlpool Europe 1. 0 LG 1. 0 Candy 1. 9 Arcelik 2. 5 Miele 2. 5 Whirlpool 2. 9 Indesit 4. 7 Electrolux 6. 1 BSH 36 % Market Share, 2007 Lead er in Germany 21 % Market Share, 2007 Leader in Europe 7 % Market Share, 2007 3rd in the World\r\n'