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Character, Dignity, and Self-Respect Essay

This paper will total the movie reputation and repair unity or two quotations to Aristotle, Epictetus, and fear Augustine on component, dignity, and self- take to be. Alina C ampbell This paper will summarize the movie Glory and relate one or two characters to Aristotle, Epictetus, and canonize Augustine on character, dignity, and self-respect. The movie Glory is based on a true story about the com homodant of the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer foundation which was the first dimmed regiment to be listed in the service of the joined States.It is based on the letters by Col. Robert Shaw. Col. Shaw felt he was involved in something that he was not all in all sure about, considering he had previously lost a lot of soldiers to struggle. He was now faced with survivors guilt which he knew would doctor in time. Shaw later became a mighty leader that lead the macabre regiment to throw on the employment in Fort Wagner. Aristotle geek is mental and moral qualities distinctive t o an individual. Aristotle believed character to be neither a tinge or a power or a sheer tendency to act in certain airs (Sommers &amp Sommers, 2010).He believed instead that character was a sett direct teach we atomic number 18 in when we are well off in relation to our feelings and our actions. The virtues of character are dispositions to act in a certain way in response to similar situations. Good conduct arises from habits that in turn female genitalia only be acquired by repeated action and correction. Col. Robert Gould Shaw fits Aristotles get on a line of Character beaver in my opinion. He was not only the air force officer of the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, their voice.The black men that fought with Shaw were buckle downs that wanted to fight for their freedom. When Shaw was told of the United States Government planning to form this regiment of black soldiers he concur to take the Com opusding position. He then asked his best protagonist major(ip ) Cabot Forbes to fight along with him and Forbes accepted. At one point Shaw fights for these men to get the proper uniform and boots. He also refuses put up along with them by and by finding out that they are paid less than the white soldiers.both Shaw and Forbes strongly connected with this group of men the angry Private faux pas (Denzel Washington) Private Jupiter Sharts (Jhine Kennedy) Corporal doubting Thomas Searles (Andre Braugher), a very smart and educated man that grew up with Shaw and worked for Shaws father, and Sgt. Maj. John Rawlins (Morgan Freeman), a runaway slave who speaks with the voice of wisdom and reason. Dignity is the state of quality of being fit of honor or respect. Aristotles view on dignity consists of the reason that we deserve honors, not in processing them.You cannot earn dignity by dint of external awards instead it is something you bestow upon yourself. Dignity consists not in possessing citation from others, but in consciousness that we des erve recognition from others (Sommers &ampSommers, 2010). The character played by Morgan Freeman, Rawlings, knew that being a slave was not worth much, so he decided to help Shaw fight the battle at Fort Wagner. Forbes also displayed dignity in the movie. Forbes was Col. Shaws best friend and is who told Col. Shaw of this regiment.Due to the attribute of relationship the two had, Col. Shaw asked Forbes to get along with him to prepare the black slaves. Forbes agreed and stood by Col. Shaw and these black men with the name calling, getting the proper shoes, and receiving their uniforms like the white soldiers had while combat in the Civil War. Aristotle describes the position of character, dignity and self- respect as character being a state concern with choice, lying in a mean relative to us, that this is determined by reason and in such a way that a man of wisdom would determine it.It is a mean between two vices that depends on excess that depends on flee (Sommers &amp Sommers, 2010) Aristotle feels neither a feeling nor a capacity nor a tendency to be look at in specific ways. It is the settled condition we are in when we are well off in a relation to our feelings and actions when we are in a mean or fair state in regard to them. Meaning we have a feral character that we are badly off in relation to feeling and actions, and we fail the means in regards to them.The character that I felt showed this type of role would be Denzel and Andres characters, known as transit and Thomas. Trip was a runaway slave that was very angry. He didnt have anybody and had been previously beaten several times. Trip had specific thoughts of the white man and they were that the slaves were seen as monkeys. He thought that the slaves should be dressed up in uniform and fight, since the white men would only get themselves killed and wouldnt be able to win. Andre Braugher played Thomas. He was an educated man that had worked for Col. Shaws father.He believed that black men should know how to read and have pride inwardly themselves. In the movie Glory, Thomas had learned to take a lot. Thomas assumed that since he and Col. Shaw were close friends that he would be treated a bit differently, but to his surprise, he was called out by his best friend to train a lot faster than he was and then shout at. Thomas learned much at the end of the movie, including self-respect. Thomas had been sapidity in a previous battle and he asked Col. Shaw to promise that he wouldnt send him back, which Shaw didnt allow Thomas to continue in battle.Later in the movie, Col. Shaw asks who would be willing to standin the place of the flagman, should something happen, and Thomas verbalise that he would and did. Epictetus Epictetus held the Orthodox Stoic view that everything in the universe is order by divine will. Epictetus was different from the early stoics in that he believed enjoyment was found in maintaining ones moral character as opposed to striving for moral e xcellence. He emphasized self-knowledge and keeping ones moral character in order as the way to achieve a happy life.Epictetus warned his students to expect persecution since their actions and attitudes would be different from those round them. He encouraged them to view life as an athletic challenge, a festival or a short military service, where success would come from a combination of correct choices and skill. Epictetus believed that grief was the most offensive sensation he considered the suffering of grief as an act of evil. It was a wilful act, going against the will of God to have all men packet happiness (Stockdale, 1995). Col.Robert Shaw, through his personal growth and internal realizations fulfilled his leading duties on the battlefield, as well as beyond. He chose to take the beliefs he had from his life prior to war to another level. Shaw struggled with the question of equality among the races even he recognized the character and desires of the Black Americans and chose to act on their behalf as well as the Unions. Shaw felt that his soldiers, regardless of color, deserved respect ripe as much as the white soldiers. Shaw was willing to not take pay to fuck off a point that his soldiers deserved the same pay as their fellow white soldiers.He stuck his neck out to make sure they received the proper gear in order to fight. Shaw had ultimately decided to not let the grief from the prior battle to withstand him, he chose to help in the happiness of the slaves and continue to fight for their freedom. Saint Augustine Augustines approach was not just brilliant, it was practical. His insight is intellectually credible and emotionally satisfying in that it gives hope and offers meaning to the Christian stressful to make sense out of life in a fall world (Sommers &amp Sommers, 2010).To Augustine, anything that had being was good. Good as the demesne of being was perfectly good, along with everything he brought into being. This goodness was a b elongings that came in varying degrees. The obstacles that Col. Robert Gould Shaw had to overcome is the fact that he failed in battle another time. He had to pick himself back up, and he then led the black regiment in the Civil War and was refused to let these black soldiers be treated with any less respect than the white soldiers. another(prenominal) hardship that Col.Shaw and his black soldiers had to endure was the fact they were getting under paid, they were not inclined the proper shoes to march in, and the fact they were not given the proper uniforms like the other soldiers. Col. Shaw had shown a life of character, dignity and self- respect by being the honorable Commander that he was. Col. Shaw never let others views get in the way of his personal view of his soldiers. Col. Shaw had self- respect even though he had been defeated, prior to leading the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry soldiers with dignity and never gave up on them. He was a man that believed in fait h and that the black soldiers were no different than any others.

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Corporate Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation Essay

A frame pass water refers to a basic conceptional social structure of almostthing, a pin down of facts or ideas that provides the necessary support for something (Steinberg 2009). On the some opposite hand, a skill framework is a programmed academic work that is take for the Co-operation education completion (Fisher 2008). The framework eases in planning on how objectives and goals of a given individual or organization are achieved. This is d singleness d iodine the use of Co-operative Education Placement organization (CPO) and provides a persons academic program with a solid pes.This framework feeds the educators with an expertise foundation concerning erudition. It serves as a richly effective system for organizing, addressing and describing learning strengths and weaknesses. attainment framework consists of 8 constructs namely attention, complex thinking, language, memory, social cognition, neural locomote functions, temporal-sequential ordering and spatial Roderick. education Goal 1 Being ego directed and reflexive learners          Self-directed learning in CPO is not a new concept. Its contributions and related information has been written down. Unfortunately, its notion has a var. of applications and interpretations in the arena of corporate machinateing. Its typical narrow interpretations contend providing learners with some sort of choice in their learning. For ex adenylic acidle learners are allowed to select one or more courses from structured job training.Reflective learning on the other hand assistances in developing self awareness, analytical skills and scathing thinking which is important to both students and staff. It helps in informing about what didnt work or worked, what may be done differently, or how passel may develop their practice or behavior. erudition goal 2 Being fellowshipable in the major field of study          association consists of many varying facets encompassing sk ills from learning to understand how to create or build how to manage finances, and resonating with nature. My role in acquiring knowledge through and through CPO is to ensure that education provided consists of all the required skills of running an organization. central tasks involved          Keep an open mind. Learning always challenges our assumptions and the pre-wired reaction is to tailor the conflicting ideas. Dont dismiss something automatically as it fails to neatly fit in your up-to-date worlds vision.Deciding the subject of knowledge you essential to acquire. This incorporates two types of knowledge that is specialized knowledge where you want to focus specifically on breadth rather than depth. The other one is specific knowledge where you have to focus on the depth of the skills or information you want to acquire.Get out of the comfort zone. Involves learning things that capability based on your keenest interest through engaging in your particip ation activities. Check on boards for local announcement or from your community website. This enhances the admission fee of a number of learning opportunities classes, dances, community theatre or frugal aid.Dont be afraid to fail. It is the most significant advice in learning on how to be knowledgeable. Owning and learning to your mistake will help in gaining knowledge in your major areas that will help in remembering the correct information cleanse.My personal attributes and role will help my CPO in acquiring the required values and skills necessary in learning.Learning goal 3 Being problem solvers and enquirers (internal environs)          Internal environment involves the factors that act/affect channel operations from within (Coley 2010). The interrelationships within the organization involve how different departments interrelate with one another such as sales, production, marketing, explosive charge and research. The structure of the organization d efines how these departments interrelate and interacts with one another, and the chain of commands running through different levels.These interrelationships within the organization are managed by my CPO through readying of the required knowledge and skills. This knowledge is acquired through training that facilitates better relationships within the organization.The organizational chart          From the key tasks in LG2, they all interrelate with one another with a cohesive relationship. In order for the organizational tasks to be completed, a good relationship is needed from the organizational culture to imaginativeness precaution.For effective perplexity of internal relationships, my CPO facilitates through providing managerial skills required in different departments of the organization, the employer should facilitate regular training, favorable workings environment, effective kernel of communication and strong internal controls.LG 3.2- critical enquirer s and problem solvers, impacts of external environment on the CPO and industry          External environment involves external factors such as customers and competitors who affect the operations of the business from outside (Xue 2008). My CPO involves a method of combine education based on classroom with practical work experience. at bottom this sector of the industry, a number of key factors are analyseed for effective management and better interrelationships. Some of these factors take the size of the industry, consumer demand of its products and the rate of growth.The current business world has been facing a lot of challenges in its apparent movement of meeting the ineluctably of the customers. A major issue is on the wishing of clarity in the scope of the functions of the business. This issue may have a positive impact to my CPO and its industry sector as many business people would be seeking for the relevant knowledge.External stakeholders such as cus tomers, competitors, and the government may contribute to a better relationship if hygienic catered for by the industry.LG 3.3 business management          The topic investigates on the role of management on staffing. This is a very essential area that needs to be carried out with all due knowledge as it determines the progress of the business.Learning goal 4 ethical and social responsibility facing rules of order and business          Ethical means to do with what is wrong and right, based on morality (Cafoliete 2010). Social responsibility is refers to an ethical theory that an individual or organization has an obligation to act for societal benefits (Amaeshi 2013). An ethical decision facilitates better services and creates a good image of an organization. My CPO and industry may consider offering training on how to ethical business characteristics and ensures customer needs are fully met (Bates 2013). Lack of enough skills may lead to a challenge in my CPO on making business decision that is ethical.LG 5 work collaboratively          Communication is a key factor in either business organization. Communication enhances better relationships with others in the industry thus facilitating work collaborationisms. My strength in this aspect is that my CPO consists of the largest communication department which links with other external organizations. The major weakness is on the poor communication skills soon displayed by many of the departmental attendants. My goal is to ensure that communication has been deepen and effective channels installed. The strategies to be put in place include in-service training and workshops should be held regularly, installation of communication devices in all departments and skilful managers employed. In order to valuate whether the goals have been achieved, it should be measured in terms of profit margin and the number of customers.Aspect 2 working effectively in te ams          Team work is a key beast in enhancing effective operations and increased productivity. It brings unity thus enhancing collaboration with others. The strengths in this aspect are that majority of the group members are of the comparable age thus works well as a group. The weakness is on the team lead as my CPO industry has a fewer experienced managers. My goal is to develop the strongest working team in the industry. The strategies set include ensuring that more skilled managers are employed, workshops held to regular basis to train members on how to have strong working teams. Though it is hard to assess the strength of a team, my industry will check on the interrelationship between the internal and external environments to assess whether the goal has been met.ReferencesAmaeshi, K., & Nnodim, P. (2013). embodied Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation. Hoboken Taylor and Francis.Augustine, C. H. (2009). Improving school leadershi p the promise of cohesive leadership systems. Santa Monica, CA RAND.Bates, C. G. (2013). Global social issues an encyclopedia. Armonk, NY M.E. Sharpe.Bender, T. (2012). Discussion-based online teaching to enhance student learning theory, practice, and assessment (2nd ed.). Sterling, Va. Stylys.Clayton, P. E. (2009). Essential law for your business a practical travel by to all legal and financial requirements (13th ed.). London Kogan Page.Fisher, D., & Frey, N. (2008). Better learning through structured teaching a framework for the gradual unload of responsibility. Alexandria, Va. Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.LaFollette, H. (2010). The Blackwell guide to ethical theory. Oxford, OX, UK Blackell Publishers.Menon, R., & Kumar, R. (2010). The broad view from Delhi to define the Indian grand strategy for foreign policy. natural Delhi Academic Foundation in association with Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations.Schuh, C. (2012). The CPO transforming procurement in the real world. Berkeley, CA Apress .Snoeyenbos, M., Almeder, R. F., & Humber, J. M. (2011). Business ethics (3rd ed.). Amherst, N.Y. Prometheus Books.Steinberg, D. (2009). EMF Eclipse Modeling Framework (2nd ed.). f number Saddle River, NJ Addison-Wesley.Source document

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Respiratory Activity

LABORATORY REPORT(Click on the Save a Copy button on the panel above to save your report)Activity Name Instructor run into Respiratory Volumes Predictions1. During recitation TV result trade magnitude.2. During exercise IRV pull up stakes decrease.3. During exercise ERV will increase.4. During exercise VC will non miscellany.5. During exercise TLC will not qualifying.Materials and Methods1. Dependent Variable. respiratory scripts2. Independent Variable. level of physical natural process resting or exercising3. Controlled Variables. height age sex4. Which respiratory flashiness was compute?Breating rate, TV, ERV, and IRV.5. What was the purpose of the nose clip? the nose clip was used for the lung component part interrogation to prevent leakage with the nasal compartments when giving respiratory volumes to be tested.Results Table 2 Average Breathing crops and Lung Volumes Breathing range 12. 4 10. 6 11. 1 11. 4 TV(L) 0. 5 0. 5 0. 6 0. 5 Resting set ERV(L) IRV(L) 1. 3 1. 4 1. 3 1. 3 2. 1 2. 4 2. 4 2. 3 RV(L) 26. 4 29. 5 29. 1 28. 3 Breathing run 1. 6 1. 7 1. 7 1. 7 TV(L) 0. 6 0. 7 0. 7 0. 7 Exercising Values ERV(L) IRV(L) 1. 8 1. 9 2 1. 9 1. 6 1. 6 1. 6 1. 6 RV(L) 1. 6 1. 6 1. 6 1. 6Subject1 Subject2 Subject3 Averages Comparison of Resting and Exercising Lung Volumes and Breathing Rate1. Did the respire rate increase, decrease, or not pitch with exercise? the breathing rate increased tremendously since the subject did exercise and run.2. Did the tidal volume increase, decrease, or not shift with exercise? The tidal volume increase subsequently(prenominal) exercising.3. Did the expiratory countenance volume increase, decrease, or not change with exercise? The expiratory reticence volume decrease with exercise.4. Did the inspiratory reserve volume increase, decrease, or not change with exercise?The inspiratory reserve volume dercrese as intimately after exercising.5. Did the inspiratory capacity increase, decrease, or not change with exerc ise? the inspiratory capacity increase serious a little bit with exercise.6. Did the functional symmetricalness capacity increase, decrease, or not change with exercise? the Functional residual capacity real decrease after exercising.7. Did the minute ventilation increase, decrease, or not change with exercise? of course the minute ventilation increase tremendously after exercising. Table 3 Lung Capacities and Minute internal respiration Breathing Rate 2. 6 2. 9 3 2. TV(L) 2. 9 3 2. 9 2. 9 Resting Values ERV(L) IRV(L) 3. 9 4. 3 4. 3 4. 2 5. 5 5. 9 5. 9 5. 8 RV(L) 3. 4 3. 6 3. 7 3. 6 Breathing Rate 2. 2 2. 3 2. 3 2. 3 TV(L) 4 4. 3 4. 4 4. 2 Exercising Values ERV(L) IRV(L) 5. 6 5. 9 6 5. 8 6. 2 5. 3 6. 7 6. 1 RV(L) 42. 2 50. 2 49. 5 47. 3Subject1 Subject2 Subject3 Averages Comparison of Resting and Exercising Lung Capacities and Minute Ventilation Discussion1. inform the change in ERV with exercise. the ERV decrease with exercise asssuming that the volume of job was exhaled m ore(prenominal) than(prenominal) than being enhaled at the time.2. Explain the change in IRV with exercise.IRV decreased as well because the amount of air that was supposed to be inhale was actually little inhalation during the time of exercising.3. Explain the change in IC with exercise. IC increase with exercise beacause the subjects were able to allow their lungs to breath.4. Explain the change in FRC with exercise. The FRC decrease just a little with exercise.5. Explain wherefore RV does not change with exercise. the ERV decrease with exercise asssuming that the volume of air was exhaled more than being enhaled at the time.6. Explain why VC does not change with exercise. he vital capacity remain the same because it accumulated the tidal volume, insipratory reserve volume and espiratory volume as well with exercise.7. Explain why TLC does not change with exercise. RTLC did not change as well because the the vitaln capacity did not change and so did the residual vloume residual volume as well remain the same so calculations did not change vewtween these three subjects.8. During exercise, the depth of respiration increases Name the muscles regard in change magnitude the depth of respiration and explain how muscle contraction causes this increase. he muscles involved in increasing the depth of respiration was the diaphragm, the lungs, the intercostal muscles, musles of insipration and expiration as well. Muscle contraction caused the increase becacause of the diaphragm.9. Explain the importance of the change in minute ventilation with exercise. the change in minute ventilation after exercising increase tremendouly because the TV and breating rate increse the minute ventilkation which increased more breaths needed date running to meet a higher deman for oxygen.10. reprize your predictions that were correct and give data from your experiment that support them.Restate your predictions that were not correct and correct them with supporting data from your exp eriment. Accoriding to my predictions I only check one that is wrong and that is that the ERV will increasw with exercise but after testing subjects and doing the experiment it has be confirmed that the ERV decrese, so my assumption was by furthest wrong. But as for my other predictions it came out to be true accord to the experiment, table and graphs, my assumptions was correct as for these subjects after exercising. Application Minute Ventilation will tend to increase for the simple fact it is the amount if ixygen godly by the body in a minute. ncreased by long endpoint exercise because over time it will adapt to bringing more oxygen to the lungs to work the muscles. 1. During strenuous exercise, TV plateaus at about 60% of VC but minute ventilation continues to increase. Explain how that would occur. an increase in residual volume, and assumming that the TLC does not change with a persom with developing emphysema will become short of breath after climibing a flight if stairs will result in the minute if ventilations being obtain while proceeding this type of exercise.

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Minimum- Wage Jobs Are A Ticket To Nowhere

I disagree with the statement, and I think that minimum-wage jobs ar a good start for first-time employees and a way to obligate the prices cut out for products and services of immediate necessity and some employers might be pickings proceeds of people who need job but I do not believe this entirely their responsibility. I believe that every unitary has to start a minimum wage job in their teenage years. When we be issue we learn habits and behaviors.Minimum-wage jobs teach the habit of first responsibilities going to work on time, following directions, team work, respect for to a greater extent experienced coworkers and managers, those jobs teach the kinetics of the work place. Low-wage jobs take the student out of school and place him/her in their new environment where they depart spend the rest of their lives. And yes, the jobs are of crying nature and sometimes boring but there are more important lessons learned there. My first job was as a gross revenue person of eye sp ectacles at a Christmas fair.I was hired for one calendar month with no day off to sell glasses during the month of December for a small retailer. I was responsible for the eye glasses to be displayed and clean, and sell them. It was not easy because I had to wake up early, open the shop and my day finished at 8-9 pm when the strain closed. It was a very busy time of the year. It was a very wicked one month but there was nothing more material then the first pay check, then I knew I did a good job. There is no embarrassing job if you learn to do it with pride and respect.On the other hand minimum-wage jobs are needed for the economy to lapse the prices of products and services of immediate necessity. Lets unspoilt imagine how more than more would have to pay for a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk if the cashier was getting higher salary, or how much more the burger menu would cost in the closely regimen joint next door. At the end of the day there are jobs that require less experience and no college degree, thus less pay. It plant the same way as if we go in a division store and we stop by the jewelry department, well see different peal with different prices because they have different values.Regarding the statement that employers are taking advantage of employees, I do not think we have to put the condemn on the employers entirely this is why the government of each state take to revise the minimum-wage salaries on a regular basis so that they keep up with the changing dynamics of the economy. In todays fast changing world the job market is somewhat regulated. No employer will pay high salary for basic skills job and vise versa no job requiring exceptional skills and knowledge will be rewarded with minimum wage. In conclusion, low-paid jobs are learning point in our lives and necessity for the economy we just need to accept it.

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Merchant of Venice and the Crucible Comparison

All communities run successfully with qualities of fairness and equality. The well- cosmos of the citizens depends on the support and guidance they flummox from those with exponent-out and influence in their society. When the tidy sum become corrupt and start having intentions that do not contribute dorsum to the community, the society lead f each(prenominal) a let on and be unable to book balance and stability. In William Shakespe bes The Merchant of Venice and Arthur Millers The crucible the reader enchants examples of evil inflicted on the victims within the plays through the people with cause within the community.The Christians in The Merchant of Venice mock usurer the Jew countless generation while the high judgeship in The Crucible believe citizens be pr executeicing witchcraft without a proper testimony. In both situations, the Christians and the tribunal feel themselves doing the right thing and believe they argon contributing to the society when in reality, they break apart the community by persecuting those that are different.The victims in William Shakespeares The Merchant of Venice and Arthur Millers The Crucible suffer from manginess as authority be placed in the premature hands leads to the constitution of prepossess stopping point, the limited isolated will of citizens and severe punishments. The limited free will of the victims within the societies due to the manipulative mannerisms of the Christians and court subjects them to unjustness. The way the Christians dis alike(p) Shylock makes him have limited free will in the Venetian community.Shylock is unable to interact with the Christians due to his reputation as a moneylender. Shylock is unable to choose his occupation and as a moneylender, his only bug of income is the interest he gains from it, resulting in the Christians hating him. This detriment forces him to be shunned from society and he ends up losing everything that he owns. The Jews only had moneylenders a s their occupation and this iniquity forces them to be unable to relate and communicate with society. I am as like to call thee dog again, / To spit on thee again, to purn thee too (1. 3. 126-127) demonstrates the abuse Shylock receives. His limitedness in his occupation highlights the miss of orientation in their community and the ask to force those that are different away. Solanio is sure the duke will never grant this sacrifice to hold (3. 3. 24-25) and as the play continues, Shylock faces a losing battle in which the index is evident in contributing to his destruction. He is faced with unfairness every time he meets a Christian and this is limiting him in his per physical bodyance in the community.Similarly, the court exerts limited free will on all citizens of capital of Oregon when they stay a devout Christian. All citizens ask to be part of the theocracy and if one strays away from it, they are reprimand of being affiliated with the pose. No crack in a fortress may b e accounted small (Miller 64) demonstrates the limited possibility of people in Salem to have another choice of religion. The force play of the court forces those that were not part of the theocratic government to be eliminated from society. These are all landholding farmers, members of the church theyve cognize the women many years and never saw no sign they had traffic with the Devil should be summoned (Miller 86-87) shows how those that wanted to prove the innocence of the accused are taken in to court to be questioned. Regardless of the many generation the citizens of Salem tries to tell the court about the absurdity of witchcraft, the court would not listen. John reminder goes twenty-six time in seventeen calendar month (Miller 61) and it was not enough, thus he is accused of trying to over take the government.The injustice causes many people to die without being at fault. The flaws in the legal sagacity of the government are evident end-to-end the play as the court ref uses to listen and uses its power to determine the rules of society on its own. Due to the injustice in the communities of Venice and Salem put by the power in the wrong hands, severe punishments are placed on the victims. The punishments determined by the Christians bushel Shylock severely and he ends up losing all that he has.The injustice Shylock receives is more than enough to prove his continuous suffering throughout the play. Antonio calls him misbeliever, cut-throat dog, (1. 3. 107), demonstrating the abusive treatment he receives as the Christians make fun of him and throw hateful words at him. Shylock has no one to deliver up for him, appearing alone in most scenes whereas the Christians always come in groups. This ganging up gives the Christians power over Shylock and when they use this power to hurt Shylock emotionally, the injustice and damage created is exponential.The court is already in favour to Antonio winning as shown by the Duke saying he thinks so too, / That Shylock but leadst this fashion of his malice to the last hour of act. (4. 1. 17-19) the power is unequal and this ruling forces Shylock to surrender and accept his defeat. It is unjust for this to kick the bucket as Shylock does not get a fair effort and ends up losing everything. Likewise, the court overuses its power and ends up killing the entire community. The power of the court enforces theocracy to a degree that results in the citizens being accused of not following them correctly and turning to witchcraft.John Proctor succumbs to saying he is associated with the devil and signs himself to lies (Miller 133) by confessing to an act he did not commit. The unequal treatment of the accused shows how the court enjoys abusing the abundance of power it has in its hands. The accused have no one to turn to and God sends his mercy on them (Miller 129) when they admit to witchcraft. The court takes pleasure in watching the citizens get accused and delved in the fact the power they o wned is essential in the sufferance of the citizens. It is this cruel act of the community that makes the entire community suffer.The punishments are apparent due to the cable between the victims and the authoritative power in the Christians and the court, ultimately affecting the general injustice within each society. When decisions are influenced and become biased, the opposite case of the party becomes affected. While one party might benefit and receive a positive bias, the reverse will happen for the other, resulting in the victims being wrongly accused. The choices the Christians make end up harming Shylock when he loses all of his wealth and property and is converted to a Christian.The biased decision causes injustice on Shylock as he is shunned and hated in the Venetian community. As Shylock begins his famous speech Hath not a Jew eyeball? (3. 1. 54) he demonstrates that he feels the same pains and joys that the Christians feel and should be toughened equally but the bi ased views the Christians have of him eliminates him from any form of consider he deserves. When Jessica robs him and leaves with a Christian Solanio, pretending to be Shylock, cries out My female child O my ducats O my daughter (2. 8. 15) in a mocking manner, creating a bias on Shylock in which readers are able to adjudge with.Shylock is portrayed as a cruel and revengeful character and as Solanio imitates him, no sympathy is felt for his loss. The Christians are only able to see Shylock as the Jew and do not relate any emotions to him. Similarly, the opinion of the court forces the whole town of Salem to follow suit. The young girls are able to gain power and with the help of the court, they are able to diminish those they dislike. Their innocence and sense of vulnerability enables the court to believe and support them. Abigails name is good in the village (Miller 12) makes her able to easily accuse those not in favour with the court.The court believes her and only hears her side of the story, fetching all that she says as the truth. Once Abigail accuses the citizens, their chance of redemption is next to none. Proctor stands up for himself, questioning why they never wonder if Parris be innocent, or Abigail? Is the accuser always holy now? (Miller 73). The biased opinion of the court make many innocent people wait to be proven guilty. The power of Abigail and her friends inflict injustice on the citizens they disliked, forcing many families to die in Salem.Their lack of consideration for others makes for a bias against the accused. The communities in which abused power is perplex as a result is torn apart, compelling the victims to suffer. The biased decision of the Christians and the court result in injustice in their society, playing a crucial role in splitting up the community. The formation of biased decisions, the limited free will, and severe punishments is a result of injustice in the communities when power is placed in the wrong hands in Sha kespeares The Merchant of Venice and Millers The Crucible.The biased decisions of the Christians and the court help them to form favoured decisions and prefer one group over another. The limited free will Shylock and the citizens receive result in the lack of choices they make in their daily lives. The severe punishments the victims in both texts receive cause the injustice in the community to grow as those with power abuse their ability and use it to harm those that did not need to be harmed. The injustice shows the need to fix problems in societies, teaching one that power used flop is essential for a community to function.

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Dialogue “Modern Attitude to Love and Marriage” Essay

* Hi, Lucy Do you screw Johnny and I argon getting wed?* Oh, great I think its astir(predicate) time. You direct been nourishment in concert forfor?? * For 6 years.* Yes, for 6 years already. Im so prosperous for you, Sarah* And Im so cheerful for myself too* And are you going to go through a gorgeous nuptials ceremony?* No, Johnny and I are going to register our marriage ceremony at the Registry Office. No wedding ceremony, no veil and no bridesmaids.* I got it. but how could you force Johnny to marry you? I know he is supporter of relinquish love. * Yes, but as youve said to begin with we declare been living for 6 years already. He is used to my wishes and Im used to his habits. And after all he has steadied down. * It govern handst agency that hes not such philanderer as before, isnt he? * Im not authoritative but I hope.* Well, he is from the 90s generation. And I think its the reason for all problems. * further the same I rump say about you and about me. We b reak down to this generation too. * Yes, but you know that men are more flippant in relations than women. Moreover, they are more inclined to be unfaithful. And public lecture about the 90s generationwell, I reckon its the most unrighteous and dissolute generation. * Partly youre right. Fidelity means nothing nowadays. But at the same time you have more e servicemancipation. For example, sex doesnt necessarily involve marriage. * You do see it, its better for men again. You know the majority of men dont need the married couple at all they are completely content to be free and to have sex with anybody. But women are more serious in relations, thats why all of them still indigence to be married by thirty years.* Yes, youre right of course. But anyway on that point were some advantages as a result of the sexual revolution. For example you can have sex before marriage I think its a great freedom for everybody. * Well, its indisputable. As for me, so Im quite old-fashioned person. You know I want absolute faithfulness in my relationship. Its very important for me when my partner and I can talk with each early(a), and its even insulting when my companion fools around with anybody else. * I see. But I dont touch your point of view. Im authoritative its necessarily to feed some freedom to your husband. You stake your partner by limiting his freedom so strictly. Loving a person means allowing him to be himself.* by chance youre right. In any case I consider that a steady relationship is based on trust, under al-Qaedaing and faithfulness. * Well, I wint make you change your mind. But if you, suspicious of your husband unfaithfulness, lionize complaining, weeping and nagging, I can assure you your spouse testament establish adultery with more probability. * Im with you here. promptly I want to ask you about your future life with Johnnie. Have you decided already where you would live? * Dont you know that he has his own flat tire?* Really? Its aweso me * Yes, he is a very independent, self-made man. Im so proud of him * Yes, juvenile people stand on their two feet earlier today than they did in the past. I recollect thats great. * Thats where youre right I reckon that young people should think about marriage unless after they have become independent of their parents. * As for women, so Im sure they have to complete their education, build labor force skills and develop calling interests before getting married. * Too true. Actually its normal for the moderne world, especially for urbanized countries that people postpone marriage in ready to build a career and make a fortune.* Unfortunately, thither is the former(a) side of the coin. These career interests may, in turn, motivate women to limit family size. Thats why we have such a low birth rate in all developed countries. * Oh, I agree entirely. Its too bad. Oh, I cant help businessing about our living together * Calm down and dont talk nonsense. You have been living f or 6 years and now youre worrying * Yes, but it wasnt a wedlock, but only a cohabitation. * Dont worry I think people should get know each other well before getting married. And I believe your marriage entrust be successful and strong. * So do I. But anyway Im afraid that all these mere formalities and papers will spoil our relations.* If you authentically love each other then there is nothing to worry about. Sarah, when are you going to have a shaver? Have you discussed already this question with Johnnie? * Oh, Im so happy that I have Johnnie He is just an ideal man. Besides, he adores kids. He wants to have a big family. Can you imagine he wants to have four children, two girls and two boys * And what about you? You know childbearing spoils a figure. Do you want to put on weight and have cellulite?* Oh, I think its very silly to think about such trifles of life. You have only one life and Im sure you should devote your life to children. Ive had enough time for living it up. Now Im almost 27 and I want to cash in ones chips all my love to my children and my husband. * I see. Its such a sensible decision. But as for me, so I wouldnt want to have so many kids. It will be enough to have only two children. But also Id like to contract an orphan child. * Really? Its very brave of you.* Yes, I really want to love and raise a child, which was deprived of motherly love. And whats your parents attitude to your forthcoming marriage. * You know my mom considers immoral to live with the man under the same roof if hes not your husband. And my vex is the opponent of the common-law marriage. * So they must be really blithe with this news.

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Supplier and Partnering Processes Essay

For many businesses, goods and services provided by suppliers or partners distinguish for a profound portion of the cost and value of the final product. Suppliers allow not only companies that provide materials and components, just now also distributors, transportation companies, and information, healthc ar, and preparation providers. Key suppliers might provide unique design, technology, integration, or marketing capabilities that ar not available within the business, and therefore ignore be decisive to achieving such(prenominal) strategic objectives as lower costs, faster time-to-market, and make betterd spirit. organizational partners might include educational institutions that collaborate on research and training. (Conversely, a political party might be viewed as a partner for an educational institution.) Increasingly, suppliers ar viewed as partners with customers, because there usually is a co-dependent relationship. A right on example of supplier partnerships is th e response that occurred when a fire destroyed the main(prenominal) source of a crucial $5 brake valve for Toyota.1 Without it, Toyota had to shut conquer its 20 plants in Japan. Within hours of the disaster, other suppliers began taking blueprints, improvising tooling systems, and setting up checkshift production lines. Within days, the 36 suppliers, aided by to a greater extent than 150 other subcontractors, had almost 50 production lines making smooth batches of the valve. Even a sewing-machine company that had never made car part spent 500 person-hours refitting a milling machine to make erect 40 valves a day. Toyota promised the suppliers a bonus of about $100 one thousand thousand as a token of our appreciation.Strong customer/supplier relationships ar found on three guiding principles 1.Recognizing the strategic importance of suppliers in accomplishing business objectives, particularly minimizing the total cost of ownership, 2.Developing win-win relationships through long-term partnerships quite a than as adversaries, and 3.Establishing trust through openness and honesty, thus leading to uncouth advantages. One example of these principles is the Baldwin Piano & Organ Company, which set up a 10- class agreement with Southland Marketing Inc. for piano plates to get higher quality, more than consistent supply, and lower cost.2 Baldwin helped finance the purchase of the equipment needed to polish off the plates.The contract is expected to save Baldwin 10 percent a year on its plate costs. Successful suppliers have a culture where employees and managers manage in customers goals, commitments, and risks to promote such long-term relationships (recall one of Demings 14 Points about supplier relationshipsnot purchasing solely on the backside of price). In many companies, suppliers are treated as if they were actually a part of the organization. For example, functions such as cafeteria service, mailroom operations, and information litigate ing are organism performed by suppliers at their customers facilities. As more and more of this symbol of outsourcing is done, the lines between the customer and the supplier become increasingly blurred.Many companies segment suppliers into categories based on their importance to the business and manage them accordingly. For example, at Corning, Level 1 suppliers, who provide raw materials, cases, and hardware, are deemed critical to business success and are managed by teams that include representatives from engineering, materials control, purchasing, and the supplier company. Level 2 suppliers provide enduringness materials, equipment, and services, and are managed by internal customers. Level 3 suppliers provide good items and are centrally managed by purchasing.3 Measurement plays an important role in supplier precaution. Texas Instruments measures suppliers quality performance by parts per million defective, pct of on-time deliveries, and cost of ownership.4 An electronic req uisitioning system permits a paperless procurement process.More than 800 suppliers are linked to Texas Instruments through an information exchange system. Integrated data systems chase the incoming quality and timeliness of deliveries as materials are current. Analytical reports and on-line(a) data are used to identify material defect trends. mathematical process reports are sent each month to key suppliers. Joint customer-supplier teams are formed to communicate and improve performance. A supplier charge assign force of top managers directs current and strategic approaches to improving supplier focusing practices.Finally, communication, feedback, and recognition or awards are important practices in supplier and partnering processes. For instance, the fastening Supply Corporation, which distributes fasteners, electronic hardware, and other products to over 300 customers makes frequent run acrossing with its 250 suppliers, invites them to company functions and shares such in formation as customers forecasted requirements.5 Feedback should provide timely and actionable information to suppliers to lead to onward motion and ensure that suppliers meet the organizations performance requirements. At Fastener, any potential performance problems are brought to upkeep with prompt notice and immediate feedback. An annual award dinner recognizes peachy suppliers for quality and continuous profit.Many companies such as Bethlehem Steel, Miller Brewing, and Honda, make a point of delivering supplier awards not only to upper management at a fancy banquet, but also to the workers on the computer storage floor. Its one thing for the boss to asseverate that quality is important, but another thing entirely for the customer to come out and say it, says Jerry Schiedt, corporate purchasing director for Miller Brewing Company in Milwaukee. When we actually visit a plant to present an award to the kinfolk who made the award possible, then we build a relationship with th e company and the folks on the floor who do the work to ensure the quality of the products we buy.6Supplier CertificationMany companies use some type of supplier attestation systems as the focal point of their supplier management system. These systems rate and certify suppliers who provide quality materials in a efficient and timely manner. For example, the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association defines a certified supplier as one that, after extensive investigation, is found to supply material of such quality that routine testing on each lot received is unnecessary. Certification provides recognition for high-quality suppliers, which motivates them to improve continuously and attract more business.The details of supplier certification processes vary by company. For instance, Florida Power and Light has a three-tier certification program.7 Vendors (another term for suppliers) can be certified as a Quality Vendor, Certified Vendor, and Excellent Vendor. To become a Quality Vendo r, a suppliers products or services must meet staple fiber requirements of quality, cost, delivery, and safety. In addition, the supplier must have a quality improvement process in place and be able to demonstrate that this has hitd significant improvements. It must also have an size up system to certify the process and the results. To become a Certified Vendor, the supplier must have demonstrate the use of statistical process control and prove that its processes can meet FPLs specification requirements. It must also be able to entry capableness and have a plan for continuous quality improvement. To achieve Excellent Vendor status, suppliers must demonstrate the ability to exceed FPLs specification requirements, employ reliability assurance techniques, and show that quality improvement is a central part of their management system.At the Gillette Company, the supplier certification program begins with Gillette identifying those suppliers with a proven ability to meet its sp ecifications.8 Once a supplier is selected to participate, Gillette expects them to establish a pre-production planning system to assess the capability of their process to meet Gillettes specifications. Feedback is offered in the form of recommended changes that will improve quality, reduce cost, or facilitate ease of manufacture.Supplier certification programs can be time-consuming and expensive to administer. One approach to avoiding unnecessary audit costs and helping to assure buyers that specified practices are being followed is to make water a uniform set of standardsan independent and transportable supplier capability system, such as ISO 9000.